An overview of the active QuietOn

Hi, Habr!
I decided to join such a favorite form of leisure of the local public as testing products from the assortment of “Dadzhet”. And the first pancake I will have a set of active noise suppressors QuietOn. I have a case for this thing, but about it later. And with that
Of course, you can listen to music on a noisy simulator by simply placing ordinary headphones under construction. But it is not only less elegant, but also the ears will sweat. So despite the drawbacks (some suppression and necessary sounds, the danger of losing miniature noise suppressors like Bluetooth headphones), the advantages outweigh, and in general the product can be recommended for such an application.
And in some situations, building headphones and completely out of place - you will look strange in them. In addition to the old metro cars mentioned above, active noise suppressors can be worn in any noisy means of transport - unless, of course, you are a passenger, not a driver. And not only in transport, but also outside of it. Sometimes at the bus stop you have to hide from the noise behind the bus shelter, and in fact from the opposite side he does not have a bench. The main thing to remember to remove the device, like the usual headphones and hood, on the "zebra" and the railway crossing.
Going by link and using the TORMOZ promo code, you can purchase this product with a 10% discount.
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