BlueStacks 4: testing on weak hardware + developer comments

BlueStacks 4: testing on weak hardware + developer comments 3r37474.  
3r33170. This is what last year’s BlueStacks 3 review looks like in the emulator environment, in mobile Chrome
I did reviews of previous versions of BlueStacks, so I couldn’t pass by the Quartet, which was released in October. Especially because the changes promised by the developers are really a lot. 3r37474.  
In this material there will be not only an analysis of the functionality of BlueStacks ? but also first-hand information - the service station of the company Suman Saraf answered several of my questions, revealing some features of the platform. 3r37474.  
On Habré somehow discussed the issue of data security users BlueStacks . In fact, the privacy of these users is paramount when working with BlueStacks. We do not provide access to data to anyone, and support the European law on the storage of personal data - GDPR. 3r37474.  
As for the above commentary by reference, the problem discussed in it has a fairly simple explanation. The fact is that we use the HTTP protocol to provide communication between our Android and Windows components. HDPlayer.exe redirects the traffic of Android games, which explains the connection to numerous Internet addresses. 3r37474.  
In addition, another point that is mentioned in the comments is related to the old implementation of the Shared Clipboard function. It allows you to ensure the work of the clipboard in both Windows and Android. There were some bugs in that implementation and we used a different scheme, removing problem areas, even when BlueStacks exited more than three years ago. With the safety of personal data we encountered in the study of alternative emulators. The policy of using user data is opaque with many companies, once we have
faced r3r3471. even with the problem of mining on a user PC by one of the emulators that the Chinese team is developing. 3r37474.  
If you have questions, ask them in the comments - I will tell the developers. Answers will not be received immediately, but we will try to do everything promptly.
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