Report: Epson projectors at Integrated Systems Russia 2018

3r3-31. As I told In the previous post On October 24-2? 201? Epson projectors were presented at Integrated Systems Russia 2018 to perform various visualization tasks. Among the projectors were both universal, and short-focus, and installation. Among the latter - Epson EB-L12000Q - the first 3LCD-projector with a physical matrix with a resolution of 4K (3840x2160). 3r318.  
I offer everyone who for one reason or another could not visit the stand, a short report with the most interesting pieces that were presented. It alternates the story of interactive solutions implemented by Askrin ( Guys, hello, great job! ), And briefly about 3r312. 3r313 projectors. which were used (in the overwhelming majority - 3r314. laser 3r315.). 3r318.  
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