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 3r3173. 3r3-31. It often happens that the ultimate goal of the existence of an enterprise information system is the relevance of the reporting data used by company management or provided to state bodies. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. At the same time, approved reporting requirements are already in place, as are reports that today, of course, are not drawn up on paper, but, say, in MS EXCEL, but often still contain unsupported summary numbers sent "from departments". Of course, the quality of this information is positively influenced by the high probability of subsequent checks and the severity of the responsibility that comes from, but this does not save from mistakes. It’s not necessary to talk about how this “work” of specialists distracts from their professional activities and their attitude to reporting. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. Of course, now many organizations have inventory accounting information systems, but the structure of a specific accounting is determined by the configuration of this information system and the underlying information model of the organization’s recorded objects. 3r3161.  3r3173. In this article I want to describe the approach to the design of the information model of the accounting (inventory) system based on the requirements for the necessary reporting of the enterprise 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r314.
3r3161.  3r3173. Obviously, primary data from places is still needed for an up-to-date summary report, and in order to avoid emergency hands during the reporting period, field users must regularly enter the necessary information. In order not to overload many users with unnecessary work when creating a system, it is necessary to clearly define what minimum necessary input data are needed for reporting. The composition of these data and their organization together determine the information model of the system. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. In my opinion, one of the key criteria for the quality of an information model is the accuracy of reflection of the simulated physical reality. But a track like this is a “model” - it should reflect only objects that are significant for solving applied problems, their properties, and their interrelations. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173.

Infrastructure model 3r3137. 3r3161.  3r3173. For example - the infrastructure model of any enterprise in general contains: 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3144.  3r3173. 3r3152. organizational and territorial structure of the enterprise (as objects of binding infrastructure) 3r3153.  3r3173. 3r3152. the composition (nomenclature, classifier, models) of the infrastructure objects taken into account 3r3153.  3r3173. 3r3152. their hierarchical (parent-child) and other relationships
 3r3173. 3r3152. their attributes that are relevant to the tasks we solve 3r3153.  3r3173.
3r3161.  3r3173. An analyst who understands the business of an enterprise can quickly form the core of an infrastructure model — select the composition of objects necessary for accounting and construct one or several hierarchical trees from them. Further, when it is necessary to determine the composition of the attributes taken into account, the proposed method for analyzing the required reporting using the so-called “Chessboard” can be useful. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173.
Chess boards 3r3137. 3r3161.  3r3173. Perhaps now there is some kind of ready-made solution for solving such problems on the market, maybe even all of this can be done in Excel - I will be glad for advice, suggestions, alternative proposals. I did not find anything ready and had to write my own small piece in the environment of a corporate web application on the ORACLE DBMS platform (the point is not how it was done - the article describes the general principle). 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. The image of the required report is downloaded as a scan (photo) and placed under the transparent “Chess Board” from which only the markup is visible in the pictures. This board - in this case, is just a transparent table placed on top of the report image loaded into the system. The table has column markings in letters and rows in numbers, which allows you to visually determine to which cell it belongs to a drawing area - a report scan containing an element of interest to us. Naturally, the scaling of the image-scan and the table in the browser should be synchronized so that nothing moves. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. In the user interface it looks like this (examples of reports for railway workers):
 3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. I needed a report  3r3173.
3r3161.  3r3173.
Formation of accounting model

3r3161.  3r3173. Thus, the information model of the accounting system (inventory) is formed on the basis of the Objects and their parameters used in the specific required reports. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. Accounting for both Objects and their Parameters was previously formalized in the form of separate reference classifiers - the result of this is formed:
 3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3144.  3r3173. 3r3152. general structure-tree of accounting objects
 3r3173. 3r3152. Cards of accounting objects containing parameters. included in them from a single reference classifier of parameters and ordered in groups or reordered in accordance with the specific needs of the accounting for the given object 3r3153.  3r3173.
3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3122. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. Conclusion 3r3137. 3r3161.  3r3173. In practice, the use of this approach allowed: 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3144.  3r3173. 3r3152. justify the presence of objects and parameters through the need to implement on the basis of these data the required final reporting 3r3153.  3r3173. 3r3152. specify, on specific parameters, their need for the implementation of specific reports; put forward requirements for the procedure for filling in registration cards in the product system and the obligatory nature of parameters 3r3153.  3r3173. 3r3152. orderly (without confusion and errors) to supplement the composition of the Accounting Objects and the composition of the parameters included in their registration cards with the information necessary for specific reporting purposes 3r3153.  3r3173.
3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3158. 3r3161.  3r3173. 3r3161.  3r3173. Thank you for attention!
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