“I became a therapist or a psychologist” - Vitaly Friedman about UX testing and mobile interfaces

 3r33338. 3r3-31. “I became a therapist or a psychologist” - Vitaly Friedman about UX testing and mobile interfaces (Co-founder Smashing Magazine ), then mobile developers and testers can be less well-known. But Vitali, who recently managed to take the first two places at once in 3r311. Top reports
HolyJS 2018 Piter, now got to the mobile and testing conferences with a new report "Extreme testing: tricks from the dark corners of mobile interfaces." 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. Therefore, on the eve of r3r317. Heisenbug
and Mobius we asked him questions about UX testing, and about mobile interfaces: how this testing is conducted specifically in Smashing Magazine, and right up to smartphone “pecks”. 3r3323.  3r33338. criticized mobile interfaces, saying "the bigger the screen, the better the interface." Do you have a feeling that with the transition to small screens it has become more difficult to make a good design? 3r33333. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. - I think that making a beautiful design, on the contrary, has become more convenient. I am a big fan of any kind of restrictions. Each project needs some kind of restriction. When developing a concept, we often try to force ourselves to think outside the usual forms. We begin to design and invent design, setting ourselves limits. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. For example, "in this project we can not use more than two colors." This does not mean that we will use only two colors, but it will lead us to an unusual solution. Or we say that we will not use triangles, circles and squares. And what can we use besides this? The size of mobile devices is a big limitation in itself. And it makes us come up with interesting solutions. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. I think you can draw a beautiful interface anywhere. Of course, at some point there are difficulties. For example, chat bots do not have visual components with regard to colors or typography, you simply send text. But there can also be beauty in it. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. The further we go in the direction of the clock or to small devices or a conversational interface, the more visibility is lost, only the essence remains. It is important that the site, the company had its own core, which will remain, if you remove all the pictures, colors and typography. It makes us think about what is important and necessary for the brand, and focus our attention on this, let this core show itself. And now we are hiding behind good typography and design. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r33333. - And which of the interfaces, in principle, do not fit the mobile format? For example, tables that do not fit on the screen come to mind. Are there any other stumbling blocks? 3r33333. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. - I even think that the tables do not fit, I doubt it. There are large complex tables, where it is difficult to show everything at the same time, because there is no space. But the question is whether to show everything. Perhaps, our task as designers is to find an interface that does not display everything at once, but gives a person the necessary information in parts. We are accustomed to, that everything should be visible everywhere. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to find an opportunity to show a person what he needs, and not just to show the entire table. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. It is quite problematic to work with maps, for example, any kind of visualization. The places are quite small, and all the time you have to jump deep into the map and go out from there. By the way, at conferences I will tell you a little about how to work with this. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r33333. - And what can be said, on the contrary, about mobile interfaces that were unrepresentable on the desktop? 3r33333. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. - Yes, such appear. I have already given an example with IKEA. Of course, there is a WebVR, but to use it, you need some kind of device that you need to wear. I think one day there will be glasses that we will wear and see all the objects in front of us. But so far it has not come to this, we have huge devices that need to be pulled over the head. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. The problem is that very often, when we create an interface, we think mobile first or content first. We forget about the desktop, and it turns out desktop last. Therefore, some interfaces look rather strange on very large screens. Let's be honest, with Smashing Magazine such a problem. We optimized for mobile first, up to a maximum of 1800 pixels, and everything dissolves on large screens. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. Usually this is just one central column for articles. Maybe the ads are left and right. And you can do much more. Very often I see interfaces where the mobile first is really, they look pretty good and are very convenient on the mobile, but are completely lost on the desktop. Of course, you need to take into account that mobile is developing and the conversion has exceeded the desktop, but the desktop does not go anywhere. All the same, it is significant. Therefore it is necessary to optimize and move in the direction of mobile first and desktop first. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r33333. - And the "HYIP" question finally. The theme of “bangs” on smartphones inevitably arises the last year and a half, and around this is a lot of excitement. What do you think, is it worth it to pay attention to it when you think about UX? 3r33333. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. - We love to worry from scratch. Notice how people use the phone. Only 2% of people read the text in landscape mode, where the "bang" really hinders. And 98% read in portrait mode, where it does not interfere with reading at all. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. It is important to know how people behave with devices and specific sites and on the basis of this information to correct the design. We use landscape mode, for example, when we play or watch a video. Therefore, game developers need to ensure that the "bang" does not interfere. But in general, most sites are completely unnecessary and not important. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r3323.  3r33338. 3r33312. Next week, Vitaly will speak in Moscow with closing keyouts at two of our conferences at once: 3r-3315. Heisenbug [/b] (will be held December 6-7) and 3r33315. Mobius [/b] (December 8-9). At the first, in addition to his speech, there will be many more interesting reports 3r33317. about testing
, and on the second - About mobile development .
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