In Japan, began broadcasting in 8K format

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The 8K frame is 16 times larger in size than the HDTV frame, that is, “high definition” television with a resolution of 1080 lines
3r33939.  3r3105. 3r33939.  3r3105. NHK Japan TV yesterday (December 1) Started a permanent broadcast in 8K format , that is, at a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels. The name NHK itself is an abbreviation, which translates as Super Hi-Vision, which refers to 4K and 8K video broadcasts. According to the broadcaster, this means “a new era of a full-scale super-high vision,” and is a stage of preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, which are not so long before. 3r33939.  3r3105. Matthew Allard 3r388. [/i] 3r33939.  3r3105. 3r33939.  3r3105. One way or another, but with the start of NHK’s standard television broadcasting and the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo in 202? there are great chances that high-definition television will get a big boost for development in Japan: not only content will appear in this resolution, but the technology itself will become more accessible and cheaper for consumers.
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