Palm Phone tested: the verdict - the developers suffered a complete fiasco

 3r3105. 3r3-31. Palm Phone tested: the verdict - the developers suffered a complete fiasco Source: arstechnica
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An article about the Palm Phone - a new development company, which is the successor to the legendary Palm. The latter, for several reasons, had to leave the market, but her name was still not forgotten. Now the rights to the brand belong to the Chinese company TCL, which acquired them in 2014. 3r371.  3r3105. 3r371.  3r3105. The Chinese decided to offer a small phone with a display with a diagonal of only 3.3 inches. Its geometrical dimensions are 96.6mm * 50.6mm. The company has positioned the device as an addition to the main phone. In the end, it seems, it did not work out very well - those who got the phone in their hands give not the most flattering reviews about the device. 3r371.  3r3105. The only That Testers See Good - Design. The developers have created a cute phone that surprises at first sight. Its form factor is familiar, but the design is quite comfortable. In addition, the size allows you to store your phone in a wallet or pocket of any size. 3r371.  3r3105. 3r371.  3r3105. In principle, it is worth remembering that the first iPhone was a little larger in size - its screen diagonal was only 3.5 inches. And the HTC Dream and even less - only 3.2 inches. But the ratio was 3: ? and here it was 16: 9. The display resolution is 1280x72? which is quite good. Accordingly, the picture on the display looks great. 3r371.  3r3105. 3r371.  3r3105. But the good ends there. The most negative point is the price of the device - $ 350. For this money, you can buy a boo Android or iPhone with not the oldest hardware. You can purchase an Apple iWatch 3 with a cellular module. They cost about $ 38? but the possibilities are not an example anymore. 3r371.  3r3105. 3r371.  3r3105.  3r3105.
The price is $ 350; 3r3391.  3r3105.
Poor performance, sometimes there are all sorts of errors; 3r3391.  3r3105.
High resolution display, which means small design elements; 3r3391.  3r3105.
No NFC support; 3r3391.  3r3105.
No port for connecting headphones and no volume control; 3r3391.  3r3105.
Low battery life. 3r3391.  3r3105.
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