Technical interakty on fantastic conventions. Part 1

Technical interakty on fantastic conventions. Part 1 (Doctor Who, sci-fi series), Redwall (Redwall, B.Jaix’s book series), Firefly (Firefly, Space Western), 3r3126. Gravity Falls [/b] (Gravity Falls, animated series), Futurama (Futurama, creation of M. Groening) and Jumanji (Jumanji, movies and animated series) at various festivals. Stand colleagues know that this is not an easy task, the preparation includes the construction of a stand, tailoring of costumes, and the development of an interactive program - what you can do at the stand. Everything happens on a voluntary basis and without a good team in any way. At the festival itself, most of the time you are at the stand, conducting interactivity for visitors. It is always more interesting if you can do something unique on the stand, suitable for this Universe, so everyone is trying to come up with something special. I would like to tell about a pair of my interactions. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3104. 3r3105. Beware, spoilers! [/b]
The articles will have a couple of plot moves from 3r3126. Gravity Falls [/b] and 3r3r126. Jumanji [/b] , not the most important, but directly related to interaktiv. If this does not scare - welcome under the cat =)
3r3338. 3r3124.  3r3133.

The old MacGacket laptop (Gravity Falls)

3r3124.  3r3133. The Universe 3r3126. Gravity Falls [/b] full of mysteries, mysteries and mystical devices. One of them is a laptop found in an abandoned bunker. After switching on, a sign with a password entry form came out. The protagonist for many days tried to guess the password, and in the end, the timer of the last input attempt appeared on the screen. Although we did not know the true content of the laptop, I decided that from this you can make a good interactive experience at booth Gravity Falls for the festival 3r3126. Starcon 3r3127. 2014. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. For a start, a suitable device was required. I was in the presence of Toshiba 20 years ago, from which I once began to get acquainted with computers. He no longer holds a charge, half of the screen is displayed with stripes, but the main thing is that it works and looks quite similar. He took it out, sealed it with a plaster (for the sake of the entourage) and began to develop. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. If the password entry limit was exceeded, the timer for the last attempt was activated. If this attempt was unsuccessful, the screen was blocked before entering the secret combination. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133. The first festival was a success. The laptop was popular, the passwords were guessed, but it seemed to me that the potential of the laptop was not sufficiently realized. For the following festivals, I added the possibility of passing the test on the animated series. It was necessary to answer correctly 4 of 5 random questions from a hundred in order to successfully complete the interactive. It was possible to choose from 3 levels of difficulty, so all visitors had chances - especially since we could suggest and allowed to pass the test. Although younger visitors and they themselves coped quite well. 3r3124.  3r3133. 3r3124.  3r3133.
After the first version of the program, I had an idea to write a short article about it - with a brief functionality and screenshots of a laptop. I was dreaming that I could put it in English, and the author of the series, Alex Hirsch, would find it and appreciate the work of the fans. Article writing was delayed for three years. During this time, Alex Hirsch managed to personally arrive at The big festival 201? evaluate fans, stand, laptop and even take a test in the program (I first made the English version). And the article is still in the process =)
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3r3124.  3r3133. In the next part, I will talk about a more recent interactive - a mobile application for the stand Jumanji this year.
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