Good sister

 3r3194. 3r3-31. Good sister  3r3194. - Can you write a fairy tale on the picture? - he wrote. 3r3181.  3r3194. - I do not know. Need to try. Where is the picture? 3r3181.  3r3194. He sent me a picture - she's on top. He asked the names, the name of the story he also wanted the older brother to tease the younger one in the story - he showed his tongue and bulged his ears Well, all right, this detail can be inserted. 3r3181.  3r3194. Then he constantly asked me: 3r3181.  3r3194. - Well? When? Well? Soon? 3r3181.  3r3194. 3r3181.  3r3194. There is work, all sorts of worries and he is pushing)). 3r3181.  3r3194. 3r3181.  3r3194. In general, it turned out a little fairy tale. It seems to be conceived as a child, but it turned out that adults read with pleasure. It seems for him to write, but it turned out for everyone. 3r3181.  3r3194. 3r3181.  3r3194. Now he is kicking me so that I can make another fairy tale about loneliness. Fantasy. I am writing here. But not ready yet)). And ear ring pushes! So soon there will be fantasy. So it goes. 3r3181.  3r3194.
3r3181.  3r3194. 3r3335. Good sister
3r3181.  3r3194. This story happened when Artem was five years old and they lived in the country with their whole family. 3r3181.  3r3194. One fine sunny morning, Artem stepped onto the porch and saw that elder brother Kolya was digging around in the garden under the fence. Artem crept from the back and began to observe. Kohl didn’t just dig the ground, he first twisted a lump of earth with a shovel, and then squatted down and broke it into small pieces, as if he was looking for something. 3r3181.  3r3194. - And what do you do? - asked Artem finally. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Worm digging,” answered Nick, without turning around. 3r3181.  3r3194. He found one worm, grabbed his fingers and showed Artem. The worm turned out to be similar to the spine - red-brown and all dirty. In Kolya’s fingers, the worm didn’t like it, it squirmed and tried to escape. Artem never saw earthworms, and now he looked at the strange beast with all his eyes. Worm rushed to freedom blindly. Extruded a sharp tip in one direction or the other. Stretched even to where freedom and did not smell. Worm behaved stupidly, but aggressively. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Seen how delicious ?! - happily asked Kohl. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Phew,” answered Artem and recoiled. - I will not. 3r3181.  3r3194. Kohl laughed in response: 3r3181.  3r3194. - Yes, it's not for you, Temka! This fish loves worms. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Will you feed the fish ?! - lively asked Tyoma. - Where? I also want to feed! 3r3181.  3r3194. “Do not feed,” answered Kolya. - I'll catch her. And I need worms for bait. 3r3181.  3r3194. - And I, - said with anxiety, Tema, - I will also catch! 3r3181.  3r3194. “No,” Nikolai answered seriously. - You're still small. You scare all the fish. 3r3181.  3r3194. Artem really wanted to catch fish on the worms. But if Kohl does not want to take with you, then you have to go to dad. Artyom left Kohl in the garden, along with his worms, and ran to the house. Dad was just sitting on the veranda. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Dad! I want to go fishing! Shouted Artem, running along the wooden steps. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Fishing?! - Dad asked. - Do you have a fishing pole? And the worms? And where will you put the fish? 3r3181.  3r3194. - Worms now Kohl digs up! - replied Tyoma and fell silent. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Oh, so Kolya is going fishing? Well. I’m going to equip you. I have a small fishing rod and a bucket for fish. Come with me. 3r3181.  3r3194. Daddy leisurely went to the annex where he kept different things. And while he was walking, Subject happily ran around papa for a jump. He had already dreamed how he would catch a fish, and how he would swim in his bucket. And then dad praises. And my mother will say that he is well done. And Nick will smile too. And sister Zhenya will look at the fish in the bucket and be surprised - what a beautiful fish. 3r3181.  3r3194. Dad brought out a fishing rod and bucket from the extension. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Fishermen carry the bait on their shoulders,” he said. - It is more comfortable. 3r3181.  3r3194. Artem took the bait on his shoulder and ran to the elder brother in full spirit. From a quick run, the fishing pole began to uncomfortably hang out and fly off the shoulder. I had to stop and correct. The bucket in his hand sometimes painfully knocked on the leg. But Theme paid no attention to inconvenience. He was in a hurry. He wanted to quickly go fishing. 3r3181.  3r3194. Seeing that Subject was running towards him, Kolya’s elder brother stopped digging worms and got up. He leaned on the shovel. Kohl watched gloomily. Then he said: 3r3181.  3r3194. - Tyoma, I can not take you. We are going company. There will be big guys and we will not care about you. 3r3181.  3r3194. These words, like an invisible wall, abruptly stopped Artyom. My chest went cold. Feet became weak and wanted to sit on the ground. And the hands - like cotton - did not want to hold an empty bucket. Tears sprang to my eyes. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Well, well,” said the elder brother, “don't be upset.” You and I are going fishing tomorrow. Together. 3r3181.  3r3194. But after all, Tyome is fishing now, not tomorrow. He frowned and was silent. The rod, still held in his hand, fell off his shoulder and lay on the grass. 3r3181.  3r3194. Kohl smiled at little Artem. But his smile turned out to be unreal - his eyes were sad. And Artem did not smile back. He frowned more than ever and pouted even more. 3r3181.  3r3194. Then the elder brother said: r3r3181.  3r3194. - Look! 3r3181.  3r3194. He took his ears with his fingers and drew off to the sides, puffed out his cheeks, stuck out his tongue and bulged his eyes. Made a face. Fingers dirty in the ground. Fu !!! Grimace was stupid and amusing. Artyom wanted to smile. But if you smile, then you will definitely not go fishing. Smiled - it's like you gave up. Therefore, Artem tried to remain serious. He even gritted his teeth stronger. 3r3181.  3r3194. Brother Kolya shook his head ridiculously, twisted his eyes and screamed a cheerful melody. 3r3181.  3r3194. Artem could not resist and smiled for a moment. But he immediately realized it. He specifically remembered fishing much stronger - it helped to become serious again. Everything! Grimace did not work anymore - she no longer had fun. Enough jokes! A serious question is being decided whether Artem will go fishing today or not. The elder brother realized that he had lost, and stopped making faces. 3r3181.  3r3194. Dad came up. 3r3181.  3r3194. - What have you got here? - he asked. 3r3181.  3r3194. Older brother replied: 3r3r1181.  3r3194. - Yes, that's it. Artem is asking for fishing. And I can not take it. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Can not?! - surprised dad. 3r3181.  3r3194. Theme's heart thumped excitedly - now Dad will make Kohl. 3r3181.  3r3194. “We are with the guys, dad,” said Kolya guiltily. 3r3181.  3r3194. Subject gloatingly thought that the older brother looked unconvincing. What have some guys got when Artem is more important ?! If only papa would think the same only would ponder But papa thought differently. 3r3181.  3r3194. - BUT! - he said. - You are a team gathered. 3r3181.  3r3194. And dad turned to the topic:
 3r3194. - Well, well, Subject, it means no luck. You and I go fishing. Tomorrow. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Tomorrow again!” - Thought thought and answered nothing. He felt hurt. It seems no one here loves him. Yes! No one likes. No one needs it! Neither dad nor Cole. Mom is not needed. She walks in the house, looks out of the window. Busy with your cleaning, as always. And Eugene sisters are not visible at all. Everything is always just talking about tomorrow! 3r3181.  3r3194. The tears themselves ran down my cheeks. Artem threw fishing equipment on the grass. 3r3181.  3r3194. Since no one likes him, then he, Artem, will not love anyone either! He, too, no one needed now! He will live. One! Then, then they will all cry! Mom will cry for sure. Dad will be sad in silence. Kolka will understand that now nothing can be done about stupid mugs, and he will sigh bitterly. And Sister Zhenka will persuade. And also in vain! Understand that Artem had to love before, and now it's too late. Missed the moment! 3r3181.  3r3194. But how sad it is to be disappointed! He believed they were good. And they do not even take a fishing trip. Painfully. 3r3181.  3r3194. And Subject sobbed loudly, wept. He roared and angrily thought that he would not carry the bait and bucket back to the extension for anything! Let these people themselves now cope without him. Such thoughts fanned grief, increased suffering. To roar with such thoughts was easy and truly natural, not even having to pretend. By the way, sometimes, when you roar, you are inferior. Maybe even take on fishing? 3r3181.  3r3194. Kolya's older brother scratched his head, took a can of worms and went. Dad picked up Temkin's fishing rod and bucket from the grass and went the other way. Everything! Fishing will not be. 3r3181.  3r3194. From somewhere came sister Zhenya. She held her hands behind her back. Slightly leaning forward, she carefully looked at Artem and waited. It is clear what she was waiting for - when Tema will run out of roaring forces! He wants to say something. And the forces will never run out! The topic can roar for a long time. And even interesting that she had there behind her back in her hands. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Do you want me to show you the magic flower? - asked Eugene, not waiting. 3r3181.  3r3194. - Not! - shouted Subject. But the tears stopped flowing themselves, now I had to squeeze them out of myself. “What kind of magic flower?” - the thought stuck in my head and overshadowed personal suffering. 3r3181.  3r3194. “A real magic one,” the sister continued to persuade. 3r3181.  3r3194. Theme's tears stopped flowing altogether. Loud roar, too, got sick. "Here! Climbing with their magic colors, they will ruin the whole mood of roaring! ”Temka has only loud, sharp breaths that look like sobs - they always remain after weeping, they just disappear. 3r3181.  3r3194. He smeared tears in his face and hesitantly replied: 3r3181.  3r3194. - There are no magic colors. 3r3181.  3r3194. - There are, - said Eugene and showed a flower. 3r3181.  3r3194. Ordinary flower - nothing surprising. There they grow everywhere. Any. 3r3181.  3r3194. Zhenya said: 3r3181.  3r3194. - This flower blooms even at night, in the dark. 3r3181.  3r3194. - So what? - asked Subject. 3r3181.  3r3194. “And the fact that ordinary Sun flowers are needed,” answered the sister, and stretched her hand forward. - Look, look at the meadow. See? All dandelions look at the Sun, - Zhenya looked Tema again in the face and smiled. - The sun rolls across the sky, dandelions are turning behind him. At night, dandelions are closed. 3r3181.  3r3194. Subject looked at the meadow. Indeed, all the yellow dandelions looked at the sun. Sobs were completely. 3r3181.  3r3194. Sister handed him a flower: 3r3181.  3r3194. - Hold on. Make a wish and hide the flower at night. Tomorrow will be fulfilled. 3r3181.  3r3194. Artem made a fishing plan for tomorrow. “Tomorrow, so tomorrow. Add to the words of the pope and Kolya for loyalty still witchcraft. Not prevent". The topic did not really believe in witchcraft. A magic flower might not be real, but dandelions How can they look at the sun ?! They have no eyes. And how do they turn? They are not worms. 3r3181.  3r3194. The topic looked all day at the meadow and saw that dandelions always look at the sun. And in the morning they looked, and at lunch, and in the evening at sunset. 3r3181.  3r3194. The day went well. Artem and dad dug worms for tomorrow's fishing. We decided that tomorrow, so be it, take with you your older brother. In the evening, Kohl returned, brought the fish. Mom called everyone to drink tea with cookies and jam. 3r3181.  3r3194. At dusk, Artem jumped out of the veranda and looked at the meadow. Dandelions covered the yellow heads. The yellow meadow disappeared, the meadow became green. Only here and there the white flowers turned white. 3r3181.  3r3194. Subject entered the veranda. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Dad,” he asked, “how do dandelions see the sun?” And how do they turn? They are not worms and not fish. They have nothing to move. 3r3181.  3r3194. “Nobody knows that,” answered dad. - This is magic. 3r3190. 3r3194. 3r3194. 3r3194. 3r3187. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e.parentNode.insertBefore (r, e)}; "[object Opera]" == e.opera? a.addEventListener? a.addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", d,! 1): e.attachEvent ("onload", d ): d ()}}} t ("//"""_mediator") () (); 3r3188. 3r3194. 3r3190. 3r3194. 3r3194. 3r3194. 3r3194.
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