DonorSearch's experience in attracting young people to donate blood through geo-targeting VKontakte

 3r3178. 3r3-31. DonorSearch's experience in attracting young people to donate blood through geo-targeting VKontakte 3-3399 background. 3r3161.  3r3178.
On New Year's Eve it is especially important to replenish the supply of donated blood and blood components. Because after December 15 and until mid-January the number of donors in blood centers is greatly reduced. And the need for hospitals, on the contrary, is increasing. Therefore, the Kazan Blood Center addressed us so that we could help attract donors in early December. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
Just in case, let's clarify right away that blood is not directly transfused. And the blood centers exactly fill up those stocks that will leave during the New Year holidays. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
Thanks to the support of the “3r320. Charity "" Vkontakte
”, We just in November at the conference VK for Good Received a coupon for 10 thousand rubles in the advertising office. Earlier, we had joint promotions with VKontakte, such as 3r-324. Donor Day
, VK Fest and also won an advertising grant for the promotion of social advertising - the finalist of the social video contest. Our scandalous socialist advertising " Being a Man 3r3165. "Received on the basis of coverage of over 500 thousand views. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178. Of course, such high rates are not taken immediately. At least 10 ad variations are tested on a limited budget. Varies text, picture, audience. The experience of past advertising campaigns has shown that in addition to such settings, it is possible to vary the user's geo-position with an accuracy of up to 500 meters. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
That is why we decided to test on the budget of 10 thousand rubles the opportunity to invite VKontakte users to a specific blood center, given the convenience of getting to this center. Our hypothesis: 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
Young people are sometimes just too lazy to get to the blood center to donate blood. So, our task is to take care and call on young people from those areas where it is convenient to get to the location for blood donation. 3r3r1616. 3r350.
3r3161.  3r3178.
So we did in our example. In Kazan, it is most convenient to get to the blood center by tram. And because they put in the settings of geo-location several points with a radius of 1 km along the tram line. So, to get from home to the place took no more than half an hour. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.  3r3178. 3r3161.  3r3178.
Next, create several options for advertising posts. According to the results of testing, we chose the most efficient one: 3r3166. 3r3161.  3r3178. But, for example, the same text and the same audience with a different picture is no longer effective: 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178. 3r380. 3r3161.  3r3178.
In the best case, we obtained a performance indicator of 9.4 with a CTR higher than 6%. With a total result - 1890 transitions and an average cost of ??? rubles per transition. This is a great indicator. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178. As a result of the campaigns, it also turned out to attract 174 new participants to the project community on VKontakte (instead of the average value of 30). This is a small indicator, but the task was not joining the group. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
Major success 3r3-399. 3r3161.  3r3178.
During the week, 130-158 people came to the blood center per day (instead of the average value of 80-90). Also, usually 10-15% of primary donors are on average, this week - 20-25%. Advertising was conducted on November 27-29. Data on donation metrics is provided by the blood center (December 3-7). 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
It was possible to find the best examples of advertising posts with a price below 5 rubles for the transition. This value can be reduced in the future due to further testing of other text, image, and targeting options. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
It is important that such high rates turned out as for a heated audience - through retargeting. So with the new one - the youth of Kazan is 18-25 years old within a radius of 3 km from the blood center. At the same time, targeting just Kazan as a whole did not give such a conversion effect. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
That is, the key task is to find an audience that will be comfortable to come to the event (in our case, to the blood center). Many are ready for a good deed. But it is more effective to bring the call to the part of your audience, which will be easy to get to the location and do a meaningful job. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
For greater efficiency, of course, it is better to use the audience of retargeting and the look-a-like format of the audience. This allows you to increase the reach of your audience, similar to the audience that you already have. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178. 3r3122. 3r3161.  3r3178. Our audience for retargeting is
 3r3178. 3r3161.  3r3178.
Alternatively, you can select all of your community members. Be sure to put the pixels "VKontakte" and Facebook - remember all the users who have visited at least once on your site. 3r3r1616. 3r3161.  3r3178.
We summarize:
3r3161.  3r3178.
Select the ad format “Advertisements in the news feed” ad. 3r3158.  3r3178.
We test at least 10 advertising options. 3r3158.  3r3178.
We choose the payment for the shows. 3r3158.  3r3178.
Show one entry per person. 3r3158.  3r3178.
We set the cost 3 times less than recommended. 3r3158.  3r3178.
We select the audience retargeting. 3r3158.  3r3178.
We put the required number of points with a radius of up to 2 km near the places from which it is convenient to get to the place of the action (stops, metro, and so on). 3r3158.  3r3178. 3r3-33160. 3r3161.  3r3178.
By the way, the need to replenish stocks of donor blood on New Year's Eve is relevant throughout December in each city. Therefore, come with friends to do a good thing, at the same time check blood counts, including for illness, get a good mood and two days off. 3r3164. Blood centers in the CIS can be found on our website 3r3165. . 3r3r1616. 3r3174. 3r3178. 3r3178. 3r3178. 3r3171. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf (t)) {r = i[o]; break} if (! r) {r = a.createElement ("script"), r.type = "text /jаvascript", r.async =! ? r.defer =! ? r.src = t, r.charset = "UTF-8"; var d = function () {var e = a.getElementsByTagName ("script")[0]; e.parentNode.insertBefore (r, e)}; "[object Opera]" == e.opera? a.addEventListener? a.addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", d,! 1): e.attachEvent ("onload", d ): d ()}}} t ("//"""_mediator") () (); 3r3172. 3r3178. 3r3174. 3r3178. 3r3178. 3r3178. 3r3178.
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