Lyft showed its vision of the system of interaction with pedestrians

3r3-31. Lyft showed its vision of the system of interaction with pedestrians
The issue of communication of the unmanned vehicle and those around it is still open. Google has been researching the issue since at least 201? and Uber has already managed to file a patent for light and sound signals. This time, the US Patent Office approved 3r3355. Lyft patent, describing the system of external notification of an unmanned vehicle.
3r311. 3r3355.
The application provides examples of situations where notification may be required: 3r3352.  

Notice of intention to give way to the car 3r33535.  

Notice of intent to miss the cyclist

Passenger notification of standby 3r3352.  
By the way, other companies are also working on similar systems. For example, Californian startup also uses several displays to interact with pedestrians.

The Lyft solution will also use pre-installed text messages in the most visible parts of the car. However, in the case of Lyft, each window will have a projector, transparent display, or other device capable of displaying a message.
Lyft first launched the development of unmanned vehicles only in July 2017. Since then, the company has demonstrated 3-33354. own unmanned car
and also entered into a partnership with, Magna, and some other companies. 3r3633.
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