MapStruct solving a problem with ManyToMany

MapStruct solving a problem with ManyToMany  
Hello, dear readers! Those who develop Web applications in Java using the Spring framework, those who comment on these applications and are simply interested.
In the previous article 3-333231. "Spring Boot Solving a Problem with ManyToMany"
I gave an example of a test application executed, in which there is a bidirectional relation between ManyToMany between the two classes. The article gave an example of solving a looping problem when receiving a rest response using the DTO class. Readers in the comments suggested using the 3r313 library to solve the looping problem. MapStruct
After reading 3r317. 3r3236. I made sure that this is a really strong thing, with the help of which you can solve quite complex tasks of moving data between objects. MapStruct solves the problem of looping including.
In this article, I will give an example of solving the same problem as a Spring Boot application using the MapStruct library. Source code Available on Github
on the previous article 3-333236. .
on the project on Gitkhab
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