Flamethrowers, Santa Claus on the tank, Bigfoot, Baba Yaga on Endurik (and, possibly, Jetpack) - all for the kids for the new year

I found a training ground in the center of Moscow, check it out.
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Site requirements were: 3r3785.  
3r33670. Neighbors do not complain about the noise of 100 dB
3r33670. There is no risk that “firefighters will come running to put out the fire” because grandmother called
3r33670. closer to the center of Moscow 3r3r6767.  
3r33670. spacious playground
3r33670. There is a vertical structure, so that was what to gain a foothold
And he found the same ones, advised. When these the men saw my “turbojet pukalka”, they asked: “Is that all? Why is it so small?
Warehouse welded rusty fittings, pipes meter diameter, rocket tractors, armored personnel carriers, tanks, artillery the lair of stuntmen in the style of Mad Max. Under the cut - a short photo tour of the location and an overview of the training grounds of foreign turbojet projects.
3r3758. The guy wants to catch a ticket. Right. 3r3759.
3r33767. 3r33737. 3r3769. 3r33770.
By the way, the company 3r3777. RUVDS 3r3789. became interested in jetpack and helps storm the clouds.
Bonus blog readers:
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