Moon Odyssey LEGO Education: we are implementing the Russian space program

 3r33177. 3r3-31. The tractor delivered the Angara rocket to the launch pad and set it in a horizontal position. A special crane-lift connected it with the service mast and brought it to the position for take-off. The lunar module was launched into lunar orbit and docked with the Federation ship. Then they were put on the surface of the Earth satellite. A crater nearby just in case investigated for the presence of ice. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. Moon Odyssey LEGO Education: we are implementing the Russian space program
3r3164.  3r33177. The Lunar Odyssey kit includes basic LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 kits with chargers, thematic and training mats for carrying out projects, manuals with 8 thematic and 12 training missions, as well as an additional set of 1334 parts - the booster is assembled with it The Angara, the launch pad for its launch, the Federation ship, the lunar rover, the lunar module, antennas and even a crater. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. Collected all the equipment at one of the stages of work. On the left in the box is the MINDSTORMS EV? in the middle is the assembled Angara rocket and unassembled additional elements of the manual. On the right is a partially assembled launch pad. There are many additional details in the white box, the lunar crater is next. Completes the composition tube with cards. 3r31-10. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r330. 3r3164.  3r33177. Laid out the black box. In the photo one of the modules EV3 with a bunch of interesting things. 3r31-10. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. One of two maps for projects 3–3–3110. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. Based on the "Moon Odyssey", a curriculum was developed from 3r348. 12 missions 3r3129. and 3r350. 8 thematic projects 3-3-3129. designed for 72 academic hours. The links are full versions of materials. They include instructions, interesting historical, technical descriptions and even small tests - so on one assembly everything does not end, the training turns out to be comprehensive. Almost every mission has several solutions - the designer will allow several teams of schoolchildren to come up with their own options. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. For example, we need to raise the Angara rocket delivered to the launch pad in a vertical position. The most effective way to direct the robot to the launch pad and raise the "Angar" using a special manipulator. The rocket on the platform rises and falls with the help of a large gear. You can do it with your hands, but you can robot manipulator. And this is one of the tasks for schoolchildren - to design such a robot that can lift a rocket in an upright position. A gyro mounted on a rocket can be used to stop its rise in time. Or you can experimentally calculate that the manipulator must make exactly 50 turns for the Angara installation at the start, and program the robot for these 50 turns. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3147. 3r3148. 3r3149. 3r3633. 3r3151. 3r3173. 3r3173. 3r3173. 3r3164.  3r33177. Alternatively, you can connect the engine intended to move the wheel of the robot directly to the launch pad and perform the same manipulation in a different way. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3164.  3r33177. 3r3147. 3r3148. 3r3149.
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Xavieer Kanwal
Xavieer Kanwal 27 May 2019 06:49
Thank you very much for sharing such a great post. Every mission has several solutions like this one. The Engineer/designer will allow teams of students to come up with their own options. We find inspiration here. Also, have a look at my australia writing blog where I work as a designer and provide education tips and much more.

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