Roskomnadzor plans to introduce a new blocking system worth 20 billion rubles

 3r3111. 3r3-31. Roskomnadzor plans to introduce a new blocking system worth 20 billion rubles  3r3111.
Image source: Vladtime
 3r3111. According to the Air Force, next year, Roskomnadzor plans to introduce a new system of blocking prohibited resources, which will cost the budget (or providers) about 20 billion rubles. The Air Force found this information thanks to a source who is familiar with the details of the development of the project and the interlocutor, who received information from one of the system developers, about which 3r311. reported r3r396. Vedomosti.
 3r3111. It became known that the new system is based on technology DPI (deep packet analysis). This type of equipment analyzes the traffic, extracting packets from it that are typical for certain sites and applications, and then blocks unwanted traffic.
 3r3111. reported r3r396. that the Russian government plans to raise fines for Internet companies that do not seek to transfer their servers to Russia to 1% of annual revenue, or 1.5 million rubles. In the first case, large companies will suffer, the proceeds of which are measured in billions of rubles, in the second case - relatively small (like Telegram), which have no revenue in Russia. In 201? Google LLC, the Russian division of Google, reported revenue of 45.2 billion rubles. It turns out that for this company the fine may well amount to 452 million rubles.
 3r3111. The administration of the president and Roskomnadzor are working on the development of new amendments to legislation. The introduction of amendments implies a modification of the Code of Administrative Offenses in Russia.

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