Translation of the book Java concurrency in practice into Russian

Approximately from June to December of the 18th year, I was busy translating the book 3-33321. Java concurrency in practice [/b] in Russian. I am not a professional translator, the tools used to perform the translation are not known to me, and not very interested, the project is not commercial, but for the soul. I think my experience will be interesting. 3r318.  3r330. . The converter quite tolerably converted the pdf to word, but also transferred blocks, page breaks, etc. Began a long job on clearing the metadata. WORD has such a powerful and wonderful tool as styles. In the course of the translation, I created and applied different styles, the most important thing - styles of headings, subtitles, etc. On their basis, later, a table of contents, link clicks in a test, etc. were formed. I performed the translation in paragraphs and chapters, right in the text, simultaneously aligning the formatting, replacing illustrations, diagrams, etc. The final step, by means of WORD, was compiled a PDF with the translation of the book into Russian, a table of contents, etc. 3r318.  3r330. 3r318.  3r330. Repository with translation
3r330. 3r330. 3r330.
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