Why Android developers hate Google

3r3-31. Why Android developers hate Google  
If you look at the world of Android, at first glance it seems that between the developers of applications and Google there is a world-friendship-gum. The company supported the love of developers for Kotlin, the community as a whole approves of the innovations of the platform, and such a barrage of criticism does not fall on the official IDE, as in the iOS world - what more could you want?
But this is only part of the picture. In recent months, situations have increasingly been discussed, due to which part of Android developers have been severely criticizing the company. It came to a massive appeal, "Let's put pressure on Google through the European Union and the media, since they don't understand it in a good way". What is the matter and what are these situations that terribly anger some developers, but remain invisible to others?
post from subreddit /r /androiddev, which appeared in September:
“I received a letter stating that my developer account has been deleted and I should not try to create a new one, but instead I need to find a new way to distribute my application. I appealed and she was rejected. The reason was stated simply “A number of violations of the rules”, nothing more concrete. I didn’t receive any warnings, and my application wasn’t deleted until my account was destroyed, so I have no idea what violations it is.
I only had one stupid tarot app that I made to practice placing apps on Google Play. It was free, without advertising and domestic payments. There was nothing offensive except for some of the images on the maps (people stabbed by swords). It is definitely not insulting to dozens of other applications with tarot cards.
Most of the posts I’ve come across about deleting a developer’s account are pretty frustrating. Is there anything that I can do other than to choose another field of activity? ”3r33232. Similar posts have arisen before, but in the past six months there have been a lot of them on Reddit - so much so that they have begun to see a trend. If we sum up the claims of them, the list is as follows: 3r33210.  
3r33180. When dealing with intruder applications, handing out by mistake, applications and accounts that do not violate anything are broken. 3r3181.  
3r33180. In addition, Google Play also deletes those accounts that it considers “linked to the offender” - so that due to the developer’s personal project, the accounts of his employer or colleagues may suffer. 3r3181.  
3r33180. Descriptions of violations are vague, and then nothing is clear: what is generally imputed to blame, is it really your fault, how can this be corrected or challenged. 3r3181.  
3r33180. And when you still try to challenge and file an appeal, you get sample refusals without a glimpse of lively speech. It is not clear if a living person saw your appeal at all, or whether the automation did everything. And if someone saw, it is impossible to contact this person and clarify the situation. 3r3181.  
3r33180. At the same time, popular applications from large companies can count on a normal attitude (it is clear that if Facebook is suddenly removed by mistake, this will be fixed quickly and manually). But an indie developer without a team of lawyers, even if he has millions of installations, it remains only to beat the wall and envy Facebook. 3r3181.  
That is, it is possible for many years to improve a useful Android application and earn them a living without breaking anything, and then Google will suddenly and without warning deprive the main source of income in which years of work are invested. And when you try to restore justice, you will not even listen to objections, leaving to communicate with robots.
Of course, before being filled with righteous anger, it is necessary to make an amendment to the fact that we cannot verify the truth of all the statements of the developers. The words "yes, I did not break anything," can often be heard from violators.
But even if the developers are cunning, it is unlikely that they all cheat when they say "in this system you cannot reach a living person." And besides, we turn to another 3r3-363. stories
“On October 1? Google removed my Always On AMOLED app from the Play Store due to an error in their DMCA system.
Apparently, the company Flipkart sent a DMCA-notification with the requirement to remove several clones of their applications, and by mistake they deleted mine. <> Here is the DMCA complaint - as you can see for yourself, it has nothing to do with my application, it is not even in that list of applications that Flipkart needs to be removed.
This is an obvious mistake, due to which the application with 7.5 million installations and 4.3 rating was removed. Of course, I tried to contact Google <> four days later, I received a standard (probably, generated by a bot) message “we have examined your appeal, but we still cannot restore your application in the store”. ”
This story differs from many others in that it ended well: there was a hype about the situation. wrote
The well-known Android Police website, Google noticed this, and the application was restored in the store. Reason to rejoice? Rather, a reason to understand what this means:
3r33180. Once Google has admitted an error, then we don’t need to take the developer’s word for it, and now we know for sure: yes, there are indeed cases when nothing that violates the applications is removed. 3r3181.  
3r33180. Once a sample refusal was sent to Google, which later turned out to be erroneous, we now know for certain: yes, the appeals system really does not work as it should (it seems that due to excessive automation). 3r3181.  
In general, it is obvious that there is a problem. It is unlikely to be very common: there are no statistics, but I intuitively assume that noticeably less than one percent of Android developers are facing it. However, for those who have experienced it, it is so painful that the situation still looks unhealthy.
Moreover, although /r /androiddev is clearly read by many Googlers, and sometimes they answer Android developers with some questions, outraged posts about Play-arbitrariness were left without any reaction. The picture loomed like this: the company is well aware of the problem, but ignores it, while continuing to speak at the presentations about his great love for the developers.
It is not surprising that for many it caused a strong negative. Some have become afraid of “I may be next,” and sometimes even delete their non-commercial applications from Google Play, so that they accidentally do not hurt the main commercial ones. The amount of criticism in the comments grew, and its degree increased. Old-timers noticed “generally speaking, years ago everything was even worse,” but this did not change the situation.
At the same time, among other Android developers, all this did not become a topic for discussion at all. First, if you do not sit on Reddit, but simply engage in development, then you may never know about the existence of the problem. And secondly, if you are not an indie developer, but work for a company and just write code, then problems with its Play account are not your headache. As a result, a situation arose when some Android developers are seething with anger, while others are not blowing.
For those that boil, the apogee has become 3-333112. software post
"The Future of Android Development". It reads like a revolutionary manifesto; the main message is “Stop tolerating this, let's unite and go to fight for our rights, contact the European Commission and get the attention of the press.” In /r /androiddev it is not often possible to see a post with 200 apvotes, but in this case the number of apvotes exceeded 2000 - that is, the appeal was very resonant in hearts.
And soon after that, Android Dev Summit took place, and it saw a suitable platform for putting pressure on Google. Does the company want to gather many Android developers in one place? That’s where we’ll call her to account, turning the event from sweet Usi-Pusi ​​into a harsh conversation on business. There were words like “do not let any developer advocate answer you, that this is the work of another department and their hut is on the edge. Developer advocate is intended to be our supporter within the company; it must do everything possible, even interfering with the work of another department. ”
Looking at this, Google decided to take the lead, prepare for the event and, for once, speak out. On Android Dev Summit, the traditional question and answer session of the Fireside Chat was held, and the Google Play manager was included in the list of responding googles to comment on the situation. You can see it yourself (from 41:12), or you can read the abridged translation below.
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