Apple patent for electric cars

Apple patent for electric cars “Before you think about solving future problems, learn to cope with today's for the shortest time and with greater efficiency.” (P. Drucker) 3-33114. 3r3117.  3r3125. 3r3117.  3r3125. charge current 3r3109. This is not an unimportant moment. 3r3117.  3r3125. 3r3117.  3r3125. Of course, this principle of charge will be useful for an ordinary electric car, but for a start it is better to use it on less maneuverable vehicles. For example, on trucks at
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The use of the principle of energy transfer in motion can be called only on motor vehicles. 3r3117.  3r3125. 3r3117.  3r3125. 3r3117.  3r3125. 3r3117.  3r3125. On the trains there is a special cable connecting the electrical system of the car with the on-board network of the entire electric locomotive for heating the cars if there is not enough power generation from the generator. 3r3114. 3r3117.  3r3125. 3r3117.  3r3125. P.S. - I was very surprised that a company that does not even own a car filed a patent for a hand-charging. This convinces me even more that there is a crisis of ideas that really solve motor transport problems. This state of affairs usually speaks of the approach to the frontier of radical changes in the industry. More information on overcoming this crisis will be in the next 2 articles.
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