Javascript frameworks: 2019 trends

We present you a translation of the article by Nwose Lotanna, which was published on . There are collections of the best frameworks and information useful for both beginners and experienced professionals.
 3r33333. The next report from State of JS and our forecast for the new year is here!
 3r33333. Let's take a look at the amazing development path, perfect jаvascript in the outgoing year and reflected in the opinions of more than 20 thousand web developers from around the world. We will see which jаvascript frameworks for front-end development, data manipulation and backend development were the most sought-after ones, and also try to see possible future favorites.
 3r33333. Javascript frameworks: 2019 trends  3r33333. 3r3305. State of JS 3r3306.
 3r33333. In this article, we will rely on the data and conclusions of State of JS, as well as on insights, which JetBrains shared in its annual report “The State of Developer Ecosystem”. official website State of jаvascript.
More detailed information about the biased data on Angular is available here . And here You can see the analysis of the survey.
Some data from the Stack Overflow survey is available here .
Some data from the JetBrains survey are available here .
 3r33333. 3r33333. Conclusion
 3r33333. We looked at the jаvascript frameworks that were most in demand among developers in the past year and will remain so next. If you are a beginner, it is important to try everything in search of the most popular. It is equally important for teachers and authors of articles to know what resources are not enough to fill these gaps. Happy New Code, and feel free to leave comments! :)
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