“Virtual machine, interpreter and low-level allocators” - welcome to the Winderton channel

3r395. “Virtual machine, interpreter and low-level allocators” - welcome to the Winderton channel
 3r3105. 3r395. The purpose of this article is to tell about, in my opinion, the most interesting Russian-language programming channel - 3r390. Winderton
, producing a variety of content about the implementation of low-level mechanisms and explanations of the work of sophisticated concepts. I will not be bored with the introduction, it's time to start!
implementing a full-fledged java game from scratch with the use of many common practices for the development of game engines. However, the series was frozen for a long time due to the lack of activity under the video.
 3r3105. 3r395.
 3r3105. 3r395. Other videos were also laid out about the explanations of the implementations of various popular algorithms (3r-338. Flipping the line
, Calculating the factorial , Binary search ). The emphasis was not so much on explaining things that were obvious to everyone, but on explaining the work of the algorithms themselves, their possible improvements and options for realizations.
 3r3105. 3r395.
 3r3105. 3r395. A number of conversational videos on the subject of Computer Science are already present on the channel: 3r-353.
data structures. , 3r3355. books for game developers
, 3r3357.
design patterns. , Computer Science 3r3391. ,
operating systems 3r3391. and 3r3633. programming languages ​​r3r391. .
 3r3105. 3r395.
 3r3105. 3r395. Fans of nerves will also find a lot of useful information on the channel - from analysis 3r3744. performance application of OOP
and 3r376. C /C ++
compilation depths. before creating 3r378. own perceptron
and 3r380. garbage collector
from scratch. The purpose of this video is not to tell everything in the world - the goal is to push to learn the interesting and the unknown.
Our days
 3r3105. 3r395. At the moment, on channel Winderton There are regular streams on Fridays, and in the near future we plan to release ten to fifteen videos about programming the most complex projects.
 3r3105. 3r395. P.S: I am not Winderton and this article is only a story about an interesting and noteworthy (in my opinion) project, and no more.
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