Memoization of the default kwarg in Python

 3r3147. 3r3-31. This is how you can memorize the Python function: 3r3133.  3r3147.
 3r3147. 3r33112. 3r3113. def memo_square (a, cache = {}):
if a not in cache:
cache[a]= a * a
return cache[a] 3r3122.
 3r3147. The reception is undeservedly little known, so under the cut we will analyze how it works and what it is for.
 3r3147. @ functools.lru_cache . The decorator from the functools module, which remembers the last function calls. Reliably and simply, but uses all the parameters of a function as keys, which means that it requires their hashing and cannot notice that two formally different values ...[/a][/a]
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Device management by bluetooth

 3r3149. 3r3-31. This article is a continuation of the previous article “The smartphone controls a toy car” and should help users who decided to repeat the project to control their device using bluetooth using the BASIC programming environment! 3r3346.  3r3149.
 3r3149. Voice control is a spectacular, but not very reliable means of control, especially when the distance to the control object is more than 2 meters. The attenuation and reverberation of the sound and extraneous noise interfere, besides you need constant access to the Internet. More reliable management by bluetooth.
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How Vim stole my heart

I think it is clear from the name that today we will talk about Vim! What it is? Why do you need it? How to use it? 3r33232.  3r3308. 3r33232.  3r3308.
How Vim stole my heart 3r3309. 3r311.
3r33232.  3r3308. Many who read my past could exclaim:
 3r3308. 3r33232.  3r3308. 3r33232.  3r3308. 3r33232.  3r3308. Indeed, this practice can be considered unnecessary. To my deepest regret, and now there are people who think the same way. For those who do not know, I will explain: Vim is an old-fashioned text editor that works in the terminal and has a non-standard approach to editing and typing. 3r33232.  3r3308. 3r33232.  3r3308. 3r33232.  3r3308. 3r33232...
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Symbolic solution of linear differential equations and systems using the Laplace transform method using SymPy

 3r31228. 3r3-31.
Symbolic solution of linear differential equations and systems using the Laplace transform method using SymPy  3r31228. The implementation of algorithms in Python using symbolic calculations is very convenient when solving problems of mathematical modeling of objects defined by differential equations. To solve such equations, the Laplace transformations are widely used, which, to put it simply, allow us to reduce the problem to the solution of the simplest algebraic equations.
 3r31228. In this publication, I propose to consider the functions of the direct and inverse Laplace transform from the SymPy library, which allow using the Laplace method to solve differential equations and systems ...
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Is it time to upgrade?

 3r3186. 3r3-31. It is no secret that many citizens believe that updating key systems is evil, working — do not touch.
 3r3186. Some reach in an effort to keep everything as it was to a very high level of antiquity - domain controllers with server 2003 and the appropriate level of domain and forest, Exchange 2010 without SP, past-generation antiviruses, instead of Next Generation (from well-known TRAPS), flat networks, SMB ? the list goes on.
 3r3186. All of the above was aggravated by the abominable organization
 3r3186. 20 Years of the First Chechen War: Part II. Morituri: ...
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1155 vs 2011. Only old people go to battle

1155 vs 2011. Only old people go to battle 3r31116. 3r3-31. In 201? AMD once again opened the Pandora’s box, launching mainstream processors with more than four cores, with a performance per core at least comparable to modern Intel processors with equal frequencies. Full parity did not work out, but there is no longer a half to two break depending on the type of load, as in the days of FX. In synthetics, the performance of Ryzen cores is roughly equal to the performance of Ivy Bridge cores (3xxx). The move turned out to be pretty strong, so the blue team had to hastily release the six cores on the updated 1151. What am I doing for? And ...
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What the programmer needs to remember when switching to Python

 3r33557. 3r3-31. 3r? 3543. Once upon a time, in my student years, I was bitten by a python, although the incubation period dragged on and it turned out that I became a programmer on a pearl. 3r33546. 3r33541.  3r33557. 3r? 3543. However, at some point, the pearl exhausted itself, and I decided to go in for python, at first I just did something and understood what was needed for this task, and then I realized that we need some systematic knowledge and read several books: 3r33546. 3r33541.  3r33557.
 3r33557. 3r318. Bill Lyubanovich “Simple Python. Modern programming style ”3r3193.  3r33557. 3r318...
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Which bike to choose for urban, country and extreme rides - an overview of the Airwheel and Twitter models

Which bike to choose for urban, country and extreme rides - an overview of the Airwheel and Twitter models 3r33333. 3r3-31. Cycling enthusiasts often lift up 3r3325. philosophical question: "If you had to choose one universal bike for any conditions, what would you have stayed at?" And the community takes it pretty seriously, weighing the pros and cons. At the beginning of the year, the editor of one British bike portal even
whole month of life to find the answer. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. Most often this question is set by cyclists who get to work on a two-wheeled friend on workdays, and on weekends they go to rough terrain. In this case, as a rule, a fairly good mountain or ...
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A brief tour of the highlights of the Zend Framework

 3r? 3580. 3r3-31. 3r3-3568. Is it just a framework, or does this framework personify the pride of the PHP community — its hard-working developers, the key ingredient, so to speak? With a scattering of configs The object of love of our PL, with a good MVC, thanks to which Zend Framework is the best PHP framework. 3r? 3569. 3r3566.  3r? 3580. 3r3-3568. Here you will not find the answer to this question, but you will learn about the ServiceManager and ModuleManager. 3r? 3569. 3r3566.  3r? 3580. 3r3-3568. 3r311. 3r? 3569. Source 3r33542. , a little
[моё]3r33356. . 3r? 3569. 3r3566.  3r? 3580. 3r33538..
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Is it in Europe, as they write about it?

Is it in Europe, as they write about it?
Habré has a lot of articles related to life in Europe and relocation that can help people find the answer to the question “is it really worth moving to Europe?”.
The process of applying for a job, obtaining a visa and finding housing is described in detail. There are articles both positive and not the most successful experience.
But just yesterday came out Article 3r3205. about Luxembourg and Europe, which caused quite a large response and touched on many ambiguous topics. And, let's say, not supported by any proofs, except the opinion of the author.
After reading this article, I wanted to write ..
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