Tutorial: Using Thymeleaf

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Table of contents:
1 Introducing Thymeleaf
2 Good virtual grocery store Thymes
3 Using Text
4 Standard Expression Syntax /Standard Expression Syntax
5 Setting the values ​​of the attribute
6 Iterations
7 Conditional execution of
8 Template layout
9 Local variables are
10 Priority of Attributes
11 Comments and Blocks
12 Integration of
13 Text modes of the template
14 A few more pages of our grocery store
15 For more information about the
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Thymeleaf Tutorial: Chapter 2. Good virtual grocery store Thymes

Table of contents

2 Good virtual grocery store Thymes

The source code of the examples shown in this and future chapters of the manual can be found in the Good Thymes Virtual Grocery repository GitHub https://github.com/thymeleaf/thymeleafexamples-gtvg .

2.1 Website for grocery store

To better explain the concepts associated with processing templates with Thymeleaf, this tutorial will use a demo application that you can download from the project's website.
This application is the website of an imaginary virtual grocery store and will provide us with many scenarios ...[/h][/h]
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Machine vision. What is it and how to use it? Image processing of the optical source

Machine vision Is a scientific direction in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular robotics, and related technologies for obtaining images of real-world objects, their processing and use of the data obtained for solving various kinds of applied problems without participation (full or partial).
Machine vision. What is it and how to use it? Image processing of the optical source
Historical breakthroughs in machine vision
1955 - Oliver Selfridge. Article "Eyes and ears of the computer."
1958 - Frank Rosenblatt. Computer implementation of perceptron.
1960s - the first image processing systems.
1970s - Laurence Roberts. The concept of machine construction ...
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Lightning network in depth, part 1: payment channels

Lightning network is a decentralized off-cheking technology that allows you to conduct tens of thousands of transactions per second, as it allows, for example, Visa. At the moment Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency in the world, it is not adapted to send more than ~ 7 transactions per second, and high fees and long confirmation time nullify the possibility of sending microtransactions.
Lightning network solves both of these problems
Lightning network in depth, part 1: payment channels
"Mastering bitcoin" - Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Lightning network whitepaper
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The task about forEach (ps :: println) from SKB Contour

At the conference JBreak I did not read the tasks of the sponsors specifically. Well, of course, except hell from Excelsior : these guys all set the heat. And then they brought me a sheet from SKB Kontur, look, they say, laugh. I laughed: the first task really looked so naively formed and underdetermined, that I did not even want to go to the stand and convince the employees of the company. I almost forgot about it, but here on Khabr appeared the author's analysis of this problem, not devoid of some depth. Even ...
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A sentence was handed down to Russian hackers who attacked US stock exchanges

A sentence was handed down to Russian hackers who attacked US stock exchanges  
In the period from 2005 to 201? a group of Russian hackers hacked system of more than 16 companies and stole 160 million credit and debit card numbers. Among the victims were the Nasdaq exchange, Citigroup bank, JetBlue airline, Visa payment system and other, no less large organizations. The activities of hackers were called "the largest cyberattack in the history of the United States." have used vulnerabilities in the software and introduced malicious code. The program was not just ...
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Design by Introspection

What if we could arrange the atoms one by one as we please?
Richard Feynman
How many programming paradigms can you name? List on this Wikipedia page contains not less than 76 titles. This list can be supplemented by another approach, called Design by Introspection. Its main idea is to actively use simple metaprogramming tools and type introspection (compilation time) to create elastic components.
The author of this approach is Andrei ...
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Women in IT, a look from the inside

Women in IT, a look from the insideI work in the IT field after Baumanka's completion for the fourth year and during this time I went from the production department engineer to the project manager. It's no secret that the share of women in IT is small. In our company, for example, the girls are exactly one third. Why do so few girls choose this area for themselves?
During my studies at the university and in the first year of work, I was tormented by many doubts, but whether I was exactly in my place. Unfortunately, there are stereotypes and prejudices about girls in the IT sphere, which is probably why there are fewer men than ...
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Issue # 14: IT training - current issues and tasks from leading companies

This week, we selected questions and tasks that meet applicants for job interviews as a development engineer at DELL.
Issue # 14: IT training - current issues and tasks from leading companies
In addition to the expected questions about the device operating systems and the intricacies of working with hardware (some quite complex ones), at interviews in DELL you can hear the tasks of logic and the ability to apply algorithms. Some of them we give here - the complexity, as usual, varies from simple to complex.


Ice bucket challenge
There are 3 buckets of capacities ? ? 3 liters in front of you. The bucket with capacity is completely filled with ...[/h]
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Descriptor graphics in MATLAB: second horizontal axis

When studying the descriptor graphics in MATLAB, there was a shortage of "userfriends" of the functional, namely the absence of a standard command allowing to add an additional horizontal axis.
Adding an additional vertical axis, using the command. plotyy provided and in help to it, in the topics section, there is an example of adding an additional axis x , but this example, like the team itself, is not without flaws, which the developer himself graciously tells us:
plotyy is not recommended
the description of the command axes ;
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