MIT course "Security of computer systems". Lecture 12: "Network Security", part 2

MIT course "Security of computer systems". Lecture 12: "Network Security", part 2 3r? 3572. 3r3-31.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lecture course # ???. "Security of computer systems." Nikolai Zeldovich, James Mykens. 2014

3r???.  3r? 3572. Computer Systems Security is a course on the development and implementation of secure computer systems. Lectures cover threat models, attacks that compromise security, and security methods based on the latest scientific work. Topics include operating system (OS) security, capabilities, information flow control, language security, network protocols, hardware protection and security in web applications. 3r???.  3r? 3572. 3r???...[/h]
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Voltmeter for batteries: a pocket gadget for a smartphone with crocodiles

 3r3187. 3r3-31. FTlab is known in many ways as a manufacturer of mobile semiconductor sensors with a Jack connector, each of which determines either the level of ultraviolet radiation, or temperature and humidity, or electromagnetic radiation, and even the level of radiation. 3r3173.  3r3187. 3r3173.  3r3187. The devices have a rather limited applicability due to their characteristics, and are rather something like a toy for a geek, but nevertheless they work for themselves within the stated features. 3r3173.  3r3187. 3r3173.  3r3187. Voltmeter for batteries: a pocket gadget for a smartphone with crocodiles ...
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Metamorphosis of the attributes of the class

 3r33150. 3r3-31. A short note from the “You Warned” series
 3r33150. The transition from classical programming languages ​​to Python delivers a lot of surprises. 3r3138.  3r33150. We read documentation:
For example, it is important to say that
3r3138.  3r33150. 3r3138.  3r33150. Let's try to play
 3r33150. 3r3122. class Vessel:
#class attribute
vtype = "boat"
3r33150. #instance attribute
def __init __ (self, name): = name
3r3138.  3r33150.
3r330. 3r3138.  3r33150. Create two objects and check the values ​​of all attributes: 3r3138.  3r33150. 3r3122.
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Friday help: 5 tools for PHP developer

3r3-31. Friday help: 5 tools for PHP developer  
Programmers know how much ancillary tools can speed up the development process, making it easier for the specialist. We decided to publish small collections describing such tools on Fridays. In small portions, so as not to overload you. On the eve of the weekend, complex information is not perceived too well, but the small collections that make life easier are what the doctor prescribed. “The profession of web developer” 3r3105. .
We remind you: for all readers of "Habr" - a discount of 1?000 rubles when writing to any Skillbox course on the promo code "Habr".
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What I liked about Field Allen

3r3-31. What I liked about Field Allen 3r3365.  
The memoirs of Bill Gates about Paul Allen, with whom they, while still students, founded the company Microsoft in 1975 (the name of the company was suggested by Paul) 3r-38. 3r3365.  
Paul Allen, one of my oldest friends and the very first business partner, died on October 1? 2018. I want to express my regrets to his sister Jody, his family, and many of his friends and colleagues around the world. 3r3365.  
I met Paul in Grade ? and this acquaintance changed my life. 3r3365.  
I immediately began to equal myself with him. He studied two classes ...
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Diagnosis of sensesensitivity

3r3-31. Today, it is accepted to call cells (old) cells in which the cell cycle is stopped under the influence of various factors (stress or exhaustion of the division resource). As a result, these cells do not divide and are not updated. 3r3195.  
At the “Cell Senescence in Cancer and Aging” conference held at the University of Cambridge, the definition of cell aging was given: “3—3—3115. Cellular aging is called a steady stop of proliferation caused by various molecular triggers, including the activation of oncogenes, as well as an excessive amount of cell division. In addition, senescent ...
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In the wake of trends, or moving towards RxJava and LiveData

 3r3013. 3r3-31. In the wake of trends, or moving towards RxJava and LiveData 3r33386. 3r33333.  3r3013. For illustration, I will use the small class Work, which is some long-term operation that needs to be brought into the background thread. In the test application, I put a spinning ProgressBar on the screen to see when work will be performed on the main thread. 3r33333.  3r3013. 3r33333.  3r3013. 3r33357. 3r33358. class Work {
fun doWork () = try {
for (i in 0 until 10) {
Thread.sleep (500)
"work is done"
} catch (e: InterruptedException) {
"work is canceled"
3r33333.  3r3013.


3r33333.  3r3013. With this approach, each task ...[/h]
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Learn OpenGL. Lesson 6.3 - IBL. Diffuse irradiation

Learn OpenGL. Lesson 6.3 - IBL. Diffuse irradiation Lighting based on the image or IBL 3r31207. (3-3331206. Image Based Lighting 3-3331207.) - is a category of lighting methods based not on analytical light sources (discussed in 3-331250. The previous lesson 3r-31297.), But considering the whole environment of the illuminated objects as one continuous light source. In general, the technical basis of such methods lies in processing a cubic environment map (prepared in the real world or created on the basis of a three-dimensional scene) so that the data stored in the map can be directly used in lighting calculations: virtually every texel of a cubic map is considered ...
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A new hunt for dark matter takes place under the mountain

 3r3309. 3r3-31.
David D’Angelo was not always interested in dark matter, but now he is on the cutting edge of the hunt for the most elusive particle in the Universe 3r-33r33.
 3r3309. A new hunt for dark matter takes place under the mountain  3r3309.
 3r3309. About an hour from Rome, there is a dense cluster of mountains called 3r311. Gran Sasso d'Italia 3-333297. . They are known for their natural beauty and attract tourists all year round, offering world-class ski resorts and hiking trails in the winter, as well as the opportunity to swim in the summer. For the 43-year-old Italian physicist David D’Angelo, these mountains are like a second home. Unlike most ...
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License to drive a car, or why applications should be Single-Activity

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