The prototype of the citizen’s digital profile platform will be launched in Russia by the end of 2019

The prototype of the citizen’s digital profile platform will be launched in Russia by the end of 2019  3r366.
 3r366. Recently, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media stated that the concept of a citizen’s digital profile platform prepared by the Central Bank and Rostelecom was soon to be agreed. Its cost is estimated at 3 billion rubles. private investment, which is about Writes "Kommersant". According to the developers, the data from the system will be used, including on a commercial basis, by banks and other structures.
 3r366. The project is called “Digital Profile”. The position on the concept of the Ministry of Communications must submit until December 19. Digital profile infrastructure ...
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Perform pre-project survey in developing an information system

What happens without a pre-project survey?

In due time, I had to develop and sell systems for drawing up transport routes: points with orders are displayed on the map, you circle them with the mouse and place them in cars. It speaks to us one company with a request to sell the app. Not one month, we tried to find out why they need such a system, as a result they sold them a “box”, they asked for it. Then this company decided to attract us for implementation. And then it turned out that first of all they needed functionality for fuel accounting, which in our system was completely absent from ...[/h]
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Gocritic journey into the past

 3r31243. 3r3-31. 3r31230. Gocritic journey into the past stories of some major Go projects for the purpose of finding commits that corrected errors with their subsequent formalization for detection if they appear in a new code. 3r31231. 3r31228.  3r31243. 3r31230. In the second part of the article we will look at some new diagnostics in r3r316. go-critic 3r31222. which allow to find a code which with a high degree of probability contains an error. 3r31231. pre-commit hook therefore, such broken revisions sometimes fall into the master branch. 3r31231. 3r31228.  3r31243.
Historical e...
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The first good light with Aliexpress is

 3r3118. 3r3-31. Almost all the LED lamps that can be bought on Aliexpress are very poor: many have an unacceptable ripple of light, a low color rendering index, often the real power and luminous flux is five times less than promised. I was already sure that Ali had no good lamps at all, but there was an exception. 3r3105.  3r3118. 3r3105.  3r3118. 3r380. The first good light with Aliexpress is 3r3102. 3r3105.  3r3118. Last year I tested 13 different bulbs from Aliexpress, links to which were sent by readers and visitors to the Lamptest site. Alas, I could not name any of the lamps that people thought were good. The only light bulb that did ...
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Internal and external linking in C ++

Good day everyone! 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770. We present to you a translation of an interesting article that was prepared for you as part of a 3-3-38 course. C ++ Developer
. We hope that it will be useful and interesting for you, as well as our listeners. 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770. Go. 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770. Have you ever come across the terms internal and external communication? Want to know what the extern keyword is used for, or how does declaring something static affect the global scope? Then this article is for you. 3r33737.  3r33770. 3r33737.  3r33770...
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I spoil the development of my life with my code review and I don’t want

I spoil the development of my life with my code review and I don’t wantanymore. 3r3-31. 3r33150.  3r33150.  One day my team was so weak that they were going to fire him (fire the developer!). Each of my comments on the review to his code was a nail in the lid of the coffin. I almost heard the hammer knock, pressing “submit review”. He was a pleasant person, I was even worried about him, but this did not prevent me from carrying his efforts into chips. My right to criticize his work seemed obvious and inalienable. It's simple - I'm stronger, I'm right. Nobody wants to say that bad code is good, eh? He was fired by depriving the standard premium for several months. 3r33150...
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Homemade plotter: tips for beginners, working with grbl-firmware

Homemade plotter: tips for beginners, working with grbl-firmware 3r3167. 3r3-31. 3r3154. During the study at the university of such an interesting subject as circuitry, it occurred to me to do as part of the course project "A two-axial plotter on paper with a head from an Arduino-based pen." By the time I started work, I had a very vague idea of ​​the development of the electrical part of the project, as well as the mechanical part. This experience in my life has not happened. That is why I found the network, sorting through many resources that seemed to me the most simple and understandable tutorial, and decided to follow it exactly. However, it soon became ...
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My experience in implementing 1C (part 1. Introduction)

I am the author of article 3r336.
And it's time to write a sequel after almost 4 years.
At the time of writing of the last article I was a college student, now I am a university student. At the time of this writing, I was working as a waitress, now I am managing 1C introductions in an organization that deals with the implementation and maintenance of 1C in government institutions. But I came not to brag, I want to share my experience with you, dear reader. Every day I’m looking for something on the net, and I’ve found my today's post 2.5 years ago, when I started ...
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Another list of projects on what to practice

“The master makes more mistakes than the novice tries” 3r-3280. 3r33333.  
The last 3r310. list of training projects
scored 50k readings and 600 favorites. Here is another list of interesting projects for practice, for those who want supplements. 3r33333.  
[h3] 1. A text editor 3r33286. 3r33333.  
Another list of projects on what to practice 3r33333.  
The purpose of a text editor is to reduce the efforts of users trying to convert their formatting as valid HTML markup. A good text editor allows users to format text in different ways. 3r33333.  
At some point, everyone used a text editor. So why not ...[/h]
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China banned Apple

The Chinese chip maker Qualcomm claims to have won an injunction against Apple, which effectively prohibits the import of a number of iPhone models, from iPhone 6S to iPhone X.
 3r3365. 3r3355.  3r3365. The preliminary order issued by the Chinese court is the final step in the ongoing feud between the two technical giants over intellectual property. 3r3355.  3r3365. 3r3355.  3r3365. China banned Apple 3r3355.  3r3365. 3r3355.  3r3365. Original news . 3r366. 3r3365. 3r3365. 3r3365. 3r3633. ! function (e) {function t (t, n) {if (! (n in e)) {for (var r, a = e.document, i = a.scripts, o = i.length; o-- ;) if (-1! == i[o].src.indexOf ...[/o]
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