Translation of the book Java concurrency in practice into Russian

Approximately from June to December of the 18th year, I was busy translating the book 3-33321. Java concurrency in practice [/b] in Russian. I am not a professional translator, the tools used to perform the translation are not known to me, and not very interested, the project is not commercial, but for the soul. I think my experience will be interesting. 3r318.  3r330. . The converter quite tolerably converted the pdf to word, but also transferred blocks, page breaks, etc. Began a long job on clearing the metadata. WORD has such a powerful and wonderful tool as styles. In the ...
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Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy

Flashlight-kubotan: a good idea or dummy
The human brain has an amazing ability to combine incompatible things at first glance.
And so it happened!
Some time after I literally dreamed of flat kubotan , there was a problem of not enough bright "flashlight" of the next smartphone.
And then the clap! IDEA!
Do not judge strictly for a clumsy prototype, but join the discussion!
What features are supposed to get in the gadget:
3r3335. Flashlight, including for use as an additional flash to the smartphone like iblazr.
3r3335. Directly kubot
Estimated TTH - aluminum case, diameter - 25 mm...
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Phone Pixel 3 is learning to determine the depth in the photos

 3r3161. 3r3-31. Portrait mode on Pixel smartphones allows you to take professional-looking photos that draw attention to the subject with a blurred background. Last year, we described how we calculate the depth using a single camera and Phase-Detection Autofocus (PDAF), also known as autofocus with double pixels 3r3149. . This process used
Traditional stereo algorithm 3r3149. without training. This year on Pixel ? we adopted machine learning to improve the depth estimate and to produce even better results in portrait mode. 3r3142.  3r3161. 3r3142.  3r3161. Phone Pixel 3 is learning to determine the depth in the photos ..
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How Clang Compiles a Function

 3r3308. 3r3-31. I planned to write an article about how LLVM optimizes a function, but first you need to write how Clang translates C or C ++ to LLVM.
 3r3308. How Clang Compiles a Function
 3r3308. lectures on cyclic optimization :
bool is_sorted (int * a, int n) {
for (int i = 0; i < n - 1; i++)
if (a> a[i + 1])
return false;
return true;
} 3rr989.  3r3308. Since Clang does not make any optimizations, and since LLVM IR was originally designed to work with C and C ++, the conversion is relatively easy. I will use Clang ??? (or a close version, since this one has not yet been released) on x86-64.
 3r3308. T...
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Headphone Review Sony SBH90C: Wireless or USB Type-C?

Headphone Review Sony SBH90C: Wireless or USB Type-C? 3r3365.  
The widespread abandonment of the 3.5 mm headphone jack broke smartphone users into two camps: some were unhappy that they would have to make compromises in terms of sound quality and charge another device, others enthusiastically accepted this change, appreciating the more monolithic design of the devices and the convenience of the wireless connect. The most advanced even fantasize about the possible rejection of wired charging, but this still seems to be a too radical change in user experience. A compromise between the two opposing sides was found in the Sony SBH90C headphone model ...
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Roskomnadzor plans to introduce a new blocking system worth 20 billion rubles

 3r3111. 3r3-31. Roskomnadzor plans to introduce a new blocking system worth 20 billion rubles  3r3111.
Image source: Vladtime
 3r3111. According to the Air Force, next year, Roskomnadzor plans to introduce a new system of blocking prohibited resources, which will cost the budget (or providers) about 20 billion rubles. The Air Force found this information thanks to a source who is familiar with the details of the development of the project and the interlocutor, who received information from one of the system developers, about which 3r311. reported r3r396. Vedomosti.
 3r3111. It became known that the new system is based on technology DPI (deep packet analysis)...
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FCC: SpaceX satellites in orbit - a source of debris dangerous to Earth’s inhabitants

FCC: SpaceX satellites in orbit - a source of debris dangerous to Earth’s inhabitants  
According to the analysis of the figures given by the FCC regarding the lifetime of SpaceX satellites (Starlink system) in Earth orbit, the probability of hitting someone on Earth with a satellite fragment will reach 45% every six years. It sounds a little difficult, literally it means that the fragments of satellites will fall to Earth every day, sometimes reach the surface of the planet, and sometimes kill someone from the people.
Ilon Musk plans to launch 3r364. to the low orbit of about 1?000 satellites, which in the end will pass through half of all Internet ...
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Car of the future. Screens instead of autoglass?

Car of the future. Screens instead of autoglass? 3r33333. 3r3-31.
Sometime in the 90s there was a fashion for a dull tint through which nothing could be seen many years had passed since then, and the “story” could be repeated at a new technological level.
3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. is trying to deal with this problem. in different ways . This problem is not only domestic technology, but also many other automakers. 3r33333.  3r33333. 3r33333.  3r33333. All these measures have been taken to please the strength of the body in a collision. Of course, this is definitely good, but sometimes it is because of a poor review that ...
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Magellanic error: Buffer overrun or world expedition using SQLite FTS

Somehow they went around the recent on Habré. Magellan -Error and related vulnerabilities, try to correct this omission. 3r3-300. 3r395.  
A bit of history: 3r350. 3r395.  
On November ? 2018 a bug report with the number 900910 flew to Chromium: "Multiple issues in SQLite via WebSQL." An error reported by the Wenxiang Qian of the Tencent Blade Team. 3r3342.  
November ? 2018 r3r388. Error close 3r399. in the core of the library SQLite (FTS3), where it actually lives almost since the creation of the module, i.e. since November of 2009. 3r3342.  
On November 2? 201? it merges into ...
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The amazing performance of parallel C ++ 17 algorithms. Myth or Reality?

The amazing performance of parallel C ++ 17 algorithms. Myth or Reality? 3r31192. 3r3-31. Good evening! 3r31175.  3r31192. 3r31175.  3r31192. From our course "Developer C ++" We offer you a small and interesting study about parallel algorithms. 3r31175.  3r31192. 3r31175.  3r31192. Go. 3r31175.  3r31192. 3r31175.  3r31192. With the advent of parallel algorithms in C ++ 1? you can easily update your “computational” code and get the benefit of parallel execution. In this article, I want to consider an STL algorithm that naturally uncovers the idea of ​​independent computing. Can we expect a 10-fold acceleration in the presence of a 10-core processor? Maybe more? ...
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