Solving Japanese crosswords with SAT Solver

 3r3407. 3r3-31. On Habré there were several articles on solving Japanese crosswords, where the authors came up with various ways to solve such crosswords. In the commentary on article Solving color Japanese crosswords with the speed of light I suggested that, since the solution of Japanese crosswords is an NP-complete task, then they must be solved using an appropriate tool, namely, the SAT solver. Since my idea was met with quite skepticism, I decided to try to implement it and compare the results with other approaches. What came out of this can be found under the cut. 3r33394.  3r3407...
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As the author of TV-B-Gone, the ArduTouch

As the author of TV-B-Gone, the ArduTouchmusic synthesizer was made. 3r3-31. Arduino-compatible musical instrument that teaches digital signal processing 3r3114.   3r3114.  3r3114.  3r3394. The article by Mitch Altman, the inventor who invented the universal remote control for turning off the TV-B-Gone TVs, and the organizer of hacker conferences 3r395. 3r3114.  3r3114.  As a child, I was drawn to the music, and I was amazed at the sounds of the synthesizer 3r317. Moog 3r3117. from the 1968 album Switched-On Bach . I needed to learn how to extract such sounds! Thus began the training and production of synthesizers with a lifelong parallel to my ...
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May the force be with us: our own immunity against cancer

May the force be with us: our own immunity against cancerOver the past decades, science has noticeably advanced in the treatment of cancer, and although we are still quite far from complete victory over this terrible disease, doctors have more and more tools to destroy tumors or limit their growth. The main thing - they give cancer patients the opportunity to live longer.
 3r33333. One of these tools is the activation of a person’s own immunity against cancer cells. There is a whole direction dedicated to this - immuno-oncology. A lot of attention is focused on it, it is in this area that the most research is being conducted today and the most ...
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Flamethrowers, Santa Claus on the tank, Bigfoot, Baba Yaga on Endurik (and, possibly, Jetpack) - all for the kids for the new year

I found a training ground in the center of Moscow, check it out.
3r33767. 3r33737. 3r3769. 3r311.
Site requirements were: 3r3785.  
3r33670. Neighbors do not complain about the noise of 100 dB
3r33670. There is no risk that “firefighters will come running to put out the fire” because grandmother called
3r33670. closer to the center of Moscow 3r3r6767.  
3r33670. spacious playground
3r33670. There is a vertical structure, so that was what to gain a foothold
And he found the same ones, advised. When these the men saw my “turbojet pukalka”, they asked: “Is that all? Why ...
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Conference DEFCON 18. Troll reverse engineering with the help of mathematics

Trolling with math is what I'm going to talk about. This is not some kind of fashionable hacker stuff, rather, it’s an artistic expression, a funny, intelligent technology so that people would consider you a jerk. Now I will check if my report is ready for display on the screen. It seems everything is going fine, so I can introduce myself. 3r37474.  3r33490. 3r37474.  3r33490. Conference DEFCON 18. Troll reverse engineering with the help of mathematics
3r37474.  3r33490. 3r37474.  3r33490. My name is Frank Tu, it is written frank ^ 2 and @franksquared on Twitter, because Twitter also has some kind of spammer called "frank 2". I tried to apply social engineering to them so that they ...
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Transparent solar panels - a new attempt from Chinese scientists

Transparent solar panels - a new attempt from Chinese scientists  3r380.
 3r380. Solar energy is one of the trends of our time. In some regions with the help of solar energy you can fully meet your needs for electricity. In order to make photocells more efficient, many scientists are willing to spend time and resources, and considerable ones. Someone succeeds, but there is still room for maneuver.
 3r380. Some researchers are trying to find their way in this area - for example, to make solar panels transparent. This will expand the range of their use - to place the panel not only on the roof, but, for example, in window openings. In other words, replace the glass ...
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Tesla is planning to install new massive stationary batteries in California

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Repost from a third-party Telegram channel (PHP MadelineProto)

3r3-31. Having decided to tackle a shameless copy-paste (or rather, its automation) of posts from someone else's Telegram-channel into my own, I first got into the documentation on telegram bots. But as it turned out, bots not only have no methods for receiving messages, they simply cannot be added to another channel.
The solution was needed in PHP and the next hour was spent searching for it. It's amazing how little information about this is (although no, no wonder who writes this in PHP at all ) 3r339. . In general, the road with StackOverflow resulted in 3r311. MadelineProto
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MapStruct solving a problem with ManyToMany

MapStruct solving a problem with ManyToMany  
Hello, dear readers! Those who develop Web applications in Java using the Spring framework, those who comment on these applications and are simply interested.
In the previous article 3-333231. "Spring Boot Solving a Problem with ManyToMany"
I gave an example of a test application executed, in which there is a bidirectional relation between ManyToMany between the two classes. The article gave an example of solving a looping problem when receiving a rest response using the DTO class. Readers in the comments suggested using the 3r313 library to solve the looping problem. MapStruct
After reading 3r317...
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Introduction to PHP Reflection API

Hi, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the article " Introduction to PHP Reflection API " By Mustafa Magdi .
How in PHP to analyze data structure 3r3133.
Introduction to PHP Reflection API
3r33333. Entry
When I started programming in PHP, I didn’t know about the possibilities of 3r33360. Reflection API [/b] . The main reason is that I did not need to design my simple classes, modules, or even packages. Then I discovered that it plays a major role in many areas. In the article, we will look at Reflection API under the following points:
3r33352. What is [b] Reflection ...
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