Friday Webinars from Skillbox: development and all about it

Friday Webinars from Skillbox: development and all about it  
Next Friday, which means the emergence of a new selection of free webinars from Skillbox on the "Habr". Today's video is about programming:
Development of applications in PHP.
Development of applications for iOS.
How to become an Android developer.
Automation tools for mobile development.
How to start programming in Python.
"PHP-developer from 0 to PRO"

How to develop an application for iOS

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Multi-armed bandits in the recommendations

Hello! My name is Misha Kamenshchikov, I am engaged in Data Science and the development of microservices in Avito's team of recommendations. In this article, I'll talk about our recommendations for similar ads and how we improve them with the help of multi-armed bandits. With a report on this topic, I spoke at the conference Highload ++ Siberia and at the event «Data & Science: Marketing» .
Multi-armed bandits in the recommendations Recommendations for Avito
Service similar ads
Rankers and configs
A /B tests ...
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Battle for the portfolio: Python against the financial advisers

Battle for the portfolio: Python against the financial advisersIn the continuation of articles on the dangers of excessive diversification, we will create a useful tool for selecting stocks. After this, we will do a simple rebalancing and add unique conditions for technical indicators, which are so often lacking in popular services. And then compare the profitability of individual assets and various portfolios.
In all this, we use Pandas and minimize the number of cycles. Let's group the time series and draw the graphs. Let's get acquainted with the multi-indexes and their behavior. And all this in Jupyter in Python 3.6.
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Neural networks: the implementation of the problem of mushrooms on Tensor Flow and Python

Tensor Flow - a framework for building and working with neural networks from Google. Allows to abstract from the internal details of machine learning and focus directly on the solution of its task. A very powerful thing, it allows you to create, train and use neural networks of any known type. I did not find any explanatory text on this subject on Habr, therefore I write my own. The implementation of the solution to the mushroom problem using the Tensor Flow library will be described below. By the way, the algorithm described below is suitable for predictions in almost any field. For example, the ...
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We make a radio station from GTA: San Andreas

Did you want to switch between radio stations the way you did in San Andreas?
We make a radio station from GTA: San Andreas  
The soundtrack from GTA is famous for its good music selection and funny inserts. Rockstar has done an excellent job creating radio stations for this game - by the way, music from Vice City and San Andreas can even be bought in the form of CD sets.
To make her listening more enjoyable - and something to learn, I decided to crack the radio so that he would play radio stations.
The idea is that you can twist the tuning knob of the receiver and switch between virtual stations, the way it could be done with a real ...
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Create a 2D game in Python with the Arcade

Create a 2D game in Python with the Arcadelibrary.Hello!  We continue to share with you interesting things found about the python. Today we decided to deal with 2D games. This, of course, is a bit simpler than what is taking place in our course "The Python Developer" , but no less interesting is for sure.  Go.  Python is an outstanding language for beginners to learn programming. It is also ideal for those who want to "just take and do" rather than spend a lot of time on the template code. Arcade - Python library for creating 2D games, with a low entry threshold, but very functional in experienced hands. In this article, I'll ...
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Analogues in Python and JavaScript. Part Four

The fourth part of a series of articles about analogies in Python and jаvascript.
In this part: function arguments, creating and working with classes, inheritance, getter-setters, and class properties.
The summary of the previous parts:
Part one : cast to a type, a ternary operator, access to a property by property name, dictionaries, lists, lines, string concatenation.
Part two : JSON, regular, error-exceptions
Part Three : modern Python and JS: string templates (f-lines), unpacking lists, lambda functions, iterating over lists, generators, sets. ...
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Organization of regular digests of logs using python and ansible using asterisk

Organization of regular digests of logs using python and ansible using asteriskas an example.When I created this tool, I was not familiar with logwatch. I wanted to see the situation with logs on my servers in general, and so I made this bike. I think that this mechanism can help beginners in understanding the alternative possibilities ansible.  Used software:   python ??? ansible ???r3r321.  server asterisk based on FreePBX 13  The mechanism consists of two parts - a python script that processes the log file and sends a report to the mail, and a playbook for collecting logs from the servers and transferring them to the script for processing.  The playlist itself:   ---- name: parseastlogshosts: ...
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The will of Buffett or about what the financial consultants

The will of Buffett or about what the financial consultantsare silent about.After his death, W. Buffett bequeathed to his wife to invest all funds in the stock exchange ETF on the S & P 500 (VOO) and live for fun. However, books, the Internet and financial advisers urge us to make diversified portfolios with the obligatory inclusion of bonds in them. By the way, on the diversification Buffett also responds not flattering and calls on all the eggs to be stored in one basket, just to look after her carefully.  In this article, we'll try to figure out whether to believe an oracle from Omaha or listen to financial advisers. And Python and Quantopian will help us.     Standard ...
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Selection of @pythonetc, July 2018

Selection of @pythonetc, July 2018 This is the second set of tips for Python and programming from my author's channel @pythonetc . Previous collections:
June 2018
of the finite automaton . In other words, for character-by-character processing of the text, you just need to remember the current state, and the number of such states is finite.
A perfect example: a machine that checks to see if the input data is a simple number like -? 2.2 or 001. At the beginning of the article, the schematic of the finite state machine is shown. Double circles designate final states, in which the machine can stop.
The machine ...
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