Welcome to the Waves Blockchain Hackathon

Waves Platform is one of the world's largest blockchain platforms, it is among the top twenty blockchain companies in the world. In December, Waves holds a hackathon for developers: we invite you to get acquainted with the ecosystem of products, the project team and join the blockchain community. 3r3391.  
Welcome to the Waves Blockchain Hackathon 3r3391.  
3r311. 3r3394. 3r3391.  
Three days from December 14 to 16 at the Digital October site in Moscow, the hackathon of the blockchain will be held. Participants will be able to: 3r3391.  
solve problems and offer your blockchain solutions, 3r374.  
visit workshops and ...
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Three kinds of memory leaks

3r3-31. Hello colleagues. 3r33333.  
Our long search for timeless bestsellers on optimizing the code so far only gives the first results, but we are ready to please you, that the translation of the legendary book of Ben Watson " Writing High Performance .NET Code 3r33333.". In stores - approximately in April, watch for advertising. 3r33333.  
And today we offer you to read a purely practical article on the most pressing types of RAM leaks, written by 3r312. Nelson Ilheage
(Nelson Elhage) from 3r314. Stripe 3r33333. . 3r33333.  
3r318. 3r33333. 3r33333.  
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The test was run with a three-axis accelerometer

The test was run with a three-axis accelerometerHello! 3r3193.  
The question of the physical development of their own children is always relevant. The youngest son was three years old, and in addition to walks, I wanted to look for sports lessons for him. Since he is interested in various types of transport, the choice naturally fell on the runbike. And after watching the incendiary videos, how older children are stunt on the runbikes, I decided to investigate the issue in more detail. Armed with IMU from Amperki on 10 degrees of freedom, Raspberry Zero W with a power supply and 40 lines of Python code, I went to a running school...
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We solve the crackme from Kaspersky Lab

One day, different channels in Telegram started throwing link on crack poker from LC, 3r3-3101. Successfully completed the task will be invited for an interview! 3r3102. . After such a loud statement, I wondered how difficult the reverse would be. How I solved this task can be read under the cut (many pictures). 3r3202.  
When I got home, I carefully read the assignment again, downloaded the archive, and began to watch what was inside. And inside was this:
We solve the crackme from Kaspersky Lab 3r3202.  
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Python transpiler chain → 11l → C ++[для ускорения Python-кода и не только]

3r33800.  3r33818. Python transpiler chain → 11l → C ++[для ускорения Python-кода и не только] 3r3r6806. 3r33800.  3r33818.

Replacing the "slices" slices on the ranks ranges

 3r33818. 3r3804. Python 3r3807.  3r33818. 3r3804. 11l 3r3807.  3r33818. 3r3809.  3r33818.
 3r33818. 3r3804. 3r3667. 3r3658. s[-1]3r33818. s[-2]3r33818. s[:-1]3r33818. s[1:]3r33818. s[:1:]3r33818. s[1:2]3r33818. s[::2]3r33818. s[3:10:2]3r33818. s[3:10:]3r33818. 3r3673.
 3r33818. 3r3804. 3r3667. 3r3658. s.last
s[(len)-2]3r33818. s[0<(len)-1]3r33818. s[1]3r33818. s[0<1]3r33818. s[1<2]3r33818. s[(0).step(2)]3r33818. s[(3<10).step(2)]3r33818. s[3<10]3r33818. 3r3673.
 3r33818. 3r3809.  3r33818. 3r33811. Explicit indication for ...[/h]
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Load testing with locust. Part 2

Load testing with locust. Part 2 3r33420. 3r3-31. For those who liked my previous article , I continue to share my impressions about the tool for load testing Locust. 3r3407.  3r33420. 3r3407.  3r33420. I will try to visually show the benefits of writing a python load test with code in which you can conveniently prepare any data for the test and process the results. 3r3407.  3r33420. 3r3407.  3r33420.
3r314. 3r31616...
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How much time did you spend on movies?

3r3190. The emergence of the idea
I was recently visiting friends and we chose the movie, and I like watching films seasoned web (actually, not that straight seasoned web) culling all as viewed. And I was asked a logical question, but what did you not look at all? To which I said that I am conducting a film search and every film that I watched, I mark either with a rating, or just a tick that the viewing took place. And here in my head I had a question, but how much time did I spend on films? Steam has convenient statistics on the game, but there is nothing like that in the movies. So I decided ...
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Declarative thinking

Declarative thinkingHello wanderers. We, as travelers by our thoughts, and analyzers of our condition, must understand where it’s good, and where else, where exactly we are, I want to attract the attention of readers to this.
How do we add chains of thoughts, sequentially ?, assuming the output of each step, controlling the flow of control and the state of the cells in the memory? Or simply by describing the problem statement, indicate to the program which particular task is required to be solved, and this is sufficient for drawing up all the programs. Do not turn coding into a stream of commands that will change ...
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At night, my mother sleeps quietly - we collect OpenCV for Raspbian

3r33570. The last couple of weeks have been hard for our team. Produced OpenCV 4 , and with it, prepared for Intel's OpenVINO toolkit R? which includes OpenCV. You think, I’ll distract myself for a while, I’ll see, as usual, the OpenCV forums, yes user comments, and then you, it became fashionable to say that OpenCV is not IoT, what to collect under Raspberry Pi - solder is not enough, that at night 3r36363. make -j2 3r31313. set - in the morning will be ready, if you're lucky. 3r33571. 3r? 3572.  
3r33570. Therefore, I propose to join hands and see how you can build an OpenCV library ...
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Accelerate SQLAlchemy for architectural astronauts

 3r31717. 3r3-31. Accelerate SQLAlchemy for architectural astronauts Habr, this is a report by software engineer Alexey Starkov at the Moscow Python Conf ++ 2018 conference in Moscow. Video at the end of the post.
Hello! My name is Alexey Starkov - I, in my best years, work at the plant. 3r? 3596.  3r31717. Now I work in Qrator Labs. Basically, all my life, I have been working in C and C ++ - I love Alexandrescu, “Gang of Four”, the principles of SOLID - that’s all. Which makes me an architectural astronaut. The last couple of years I've been writing in Python, because I like it. 3r? 3596.  3r31717. 3r? 3596.  3r31717. Actually, who are the "architectural ...
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