Creating a game "Like coins" on Godot Engine. Part 1

 3r38080. 3r3-31.
"Godot Engine" is developing very fast and winning the hearts of game developers from around the world. Perhaps this is the most friendly and easy-to-learn tool for creating games, and to make sure of this, we will try to make a small 2D game. For a good understanding of the game development process, you should start with 2D games - this will reduce the threshold for entering a more serious game development. Although the transition to 3D itself is not as difficult as it may seem, because most of the functions in Godot Engine can be successfully used in both 2D and 3D. 3r33469. 3rr3465.  3r38080. Russian community in Telegram: 3rr3465.  3r38080. Official channel on Discord: (1 day available)
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