Using QML Map to Build Airways - Part 1

I have been using QML for a long time for building graphical interfaces, but I have the opportunity to work in a real project from 3r334. Qt Location API
and QML Map, so far, was not.
Therefore, it became interesting to try this component to build airways.
Under the cut, a description of the implementation of the editor, for creating similar trajectories on the map:
To simplify the implementation, our planes fly in a 2D plane at the same height.
The speed and permissible overload are fixed - 920 km /h and 3g, which gives a turning radius of 3r-325.
Using QML Map to Build Airways - Part 1
The t...
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JsonWriterSax is a library for creating JSON

Some time ago, I wrote an application in c ++ /Qt, which sent large amounts of data over the network in the format JSON 3r3443. . Used standard
. When introducing, I ran into poor performance, as well as an inconvenient design of classes, which did not allow for the normal detection of errors during operation. The result was a library 3-3-3101. JsonWriterSax
, allowing you to write JSON documents in SAX style with high speed, which I publish on 3r3111.
under the MIT license. Who cares - I ask under the cat. 3r3444. 3r314.
 3r33450. 3r318. A bit of theory
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Haiku R1 /beta1 Review - BeOS revision, 18 years after its last official release

 3r33337. 3r3-31. Haiku R1 /beta1 Review - BeOS revision, 18 years after its last official release
 3r33337. In the early 2000s I experimented and used BeOS R5 Pro when the company that created it went to the bottom. I have been following the development of Haiku with interest over the years. Although it can be argued that both the old BeOS and the new Haiku do not have some important functions that are inherent in modern OSs, the fact is that a lightweight operating system can always be, for example, a great way to bring new life to the old or new, but not too powerful piece of iron.
 3r33337. Gobe ​​Productive ...
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Underwater rake SmartTV development

Underwater rake SmartTV development
Hello, Habr!
It has long been an idea to write an article about the problems of SmartTV development, but as we dive into this area, we invented our bike, which helped us solve these problems. Therefore, in this article, we will not only highlight some of the problematic issues of SmartTV development, but we will also talk about how to solve them using the next new framework PureQML .
Anyone interested in this topic or just curious to look at the new framework, which can and in SmartTV, ask under the cut.
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Qt wrapper around the gRPC framework in C ++

Qt wrapper around the gRPC framework in C ++ 
Hello. Today, we'll look at how you can link the gRPC framework to C ++ and the Qt library. The article contains a code summarizing the use of all four modes of interaction in gRPC. In addition, there is a code that allows you to use gRPC through the signals and slots Qt. The article may be of interest first of all to Qt developers interested in using gRPC. However, the generalization of the four modes of gRPC is written in C ++ without using Qt, which will allow the code to be adapted to developers who are not related to Qt. All interested in asking for a cat.
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Brain Trainer Qt (Learning to count in your mind or a weekend project)

I came across positions where the topic of effective account in the mind
was very vigorously discussed.  
One is , Two
The topic was interesting and I started looking for programs and services for training
Soon came the realization that it's faster to write your own application, under your own desks and with buttons where it's convenient for me, + the perspective of transferring to your favorite Windows Phone
For those who are interested to see /criticize - welcome to cat
Brain Trainer Qt (Learning to count in your mind or a weekend project)  
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Realization of work with Long Poll server in VKontakte client for Sailfish OS


Unfortunately, even now, in the modern world, it is not always possible to take advantage of all the benefits of technology push and sometimes you have to implement workarounds, for example, in the form of Long Poll, which allows you to emulate the mechanism of push notifications. In particular, this need arose in the implementation of client VKontakte for Sailfish OS .
This article will not consider the principles of interaction with Long Poll VK server - it has a very detailed Documentation , and the basic ...[/h]
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Development for Sailfish OS: displaying graphs using D3.js and QML Canvas

Hello! This article is a continuation of the series of articles devoted to the development of applications for the mobile platform Sailfish OS. This time it's about working with charts in the Sailfish application. We will talk about finding and connecting a library and how we display graphs of mathematical functions. Note that the proposed solution is not limited to the Saiflsh OS platform and is generally suitable for any QtQuick application.
QuickQanava .
Use the object QML Canvas .
Implement your own component in C ++ and connect it to the application.
The QuickQanava ...
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Q & A Explorer. April function for Power BI Desktop

Q & A Explorer. April function for Power BI Desktop

Expanding the capabilities of the "Question Answer" function

Today we would like to learn more about the April update of PBI Desktop. In the updated version of PBI Desktop, you can add a special window to the report page where it is possible to use the Q & A function. This function allows users to ask the questions they are interested in on the data, while on the report page. To start this function, you need to configure a special button Q & A Explorer.
Excel table Financial Sample and built a report consisting of two pages (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2). After creating the Q & A button, we launch ...[/h]
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We collect Qt 5.6 (MSVC) with OpenSSL and support for Windows XP

We collect Qt 5.6 (MSVC) with OpenSSL and support for Windows XPOne fine evening, it took me to write a small application, the requirements for which, at first glance, looked not so complicated:
work with some iron;
presence of GUI;
ability to work in Windows XP and higher (do not ask why);
one executable (for Windows);
the version under macOS is highly desirable;
check for updates on the remote server via HTTPS.
Given that all the previous conscious life with C ++ I encountered accidentally and in passing, the solution of this task (or to be more exact, the setting of the environment for this) - it turned out to be a good quest, at the end ...
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