How hacked copy protection console Sega Dreamcast

How hacked copy protection console Sega Dreamcast
After the release of the book DOOM Black Book I went on vacation to Japan, where I managed to play Ikaruga on a real arcade machine in the Taito HEY gaming hall in Tokyo’s Akihabara district. This experience again revived my interest in the latest video game console SEGA - Dreamcast.
In the network you can find many documents that greatly facilitate the process of studying the issue. There are two excellent resources that can quickly get everyone up to date: the wonderful 3r315. website
Marcus Komstedt, which describes everything, down to the GPU registers, and the resource of the user Jockel “Let's create a game for Sega Dreamcast from scratch” .
While studying the car, I discovered a delightful story about how hackers quickly cracked the copy protection of games and destroyed the latest SEGA hardware hopes.
studying the contents of the .gdi archives were even written in simple Python scripts (for example, 3r3181.

Packaging and distribution

The last two stages of the process consisted of reverse scrambling 1ST_READ.BIN and packing all the information in the .cdi archive to DiscJuggler could burn an image to a cd-r. The result obtained without any problems worked on any vanilla Dreamcast without the need for a chip modification.
SEGA reaction and effects 3r3r6206.
SEGA quickly released the second version of the DC console with the MIL-CD completely disabled, but the damage was already done. After a catastrophic drop in revenues and the release of a competing PS? the developers abandoned the Dreamcast and SEGA withdrew from the development of hardware, concentrating entirely on software development.
Reference materials 3r3206.
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for a more accurate and in-depth look at the Dreamcast's security.
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