Saint P Rubyconf 2018: June 1? St. Petersburg

Saint P Rubyconf 2018: June 1? St. PetersburgHello Habr and the Ruby community!
We hasten to inform you that very soon,
June 1? 2018
, for the second time there will be a conference for developers on Ruby and Ruby on Rails -
Saint P Rubyconf 2018
. The conference slogan is "Ruby: the best parts". Venue - St. Petersburg, Building ITMO on the street. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 9. please register
rather, places are limited!
This year you expect:

Steep Speakers and Reports

Bozhidar Batsov: RuboCop
Nick Sutterer (topic to be confirmed)
Sergey Dolganov: Make API Client Great Again (with Contracts)
Anton ...[/h]
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Announcement of the mitapa RubyRoars # 1 in Kharkov

Announcement of the mitapa RubyRoars # 1 in Kharkov  
A large experience of conducting mitaps Sync.NET , ThinkPHP , ThinkJava , WordPress Kharkiv and iThink led our team to a logical question - is not it time to create a Ruby community? It's time, that's why we invite all Ruby-developers to the starting meeting RubyRoars, designed to start a new large community from NIX Solutions :).
Meetup group RubyRoars and send RSVP to participate in mtape .
Video reports will be published on ...
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GeekBrains opens a set of free training courses for programmers

GeekBrains opens a set of free training courses for programmers
Hello! We are opening a set for free training courses for Ruby and Frontend developers . For participation it is necessary to pass competition. The five best graduates will undergo an internship with us and will remain in the office. Applications for training are accepted on June 17 inclusive. The details of the set and the training program are under the cut.
Until June 1? applicants need to pass entrance examinations, consisting of 5 stages: online testing in mathematical logic, the passage of a video course, the execution of an interactive assignment for programming, the fulfillment of ...
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Reused UI components in applications on Ruby on Rails

In this article, I would like to talk about an alternative way to organize the frontend for applications on Ruby on Rails. Basically I work on the backend, but from time to time there are tasks on the frontend and what often happens there, does not inspire any optimism for further work.
there are some agreements . Perhaps someone had to deal with applications in which CSS and jаvascript are limited to almost the only application files, then the contents of these files can be not even "footcloths", but whole "sheets" of code. With the ideas too, not everything is simple, especially this ...
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The binary format is PSON

PSON (Pandora Simple Object Notation) - A binary package format that allows you to translate simple data types, arrays and lists into a sequence of bytes (a simple string). PSON is invented and developed for use in the free distributed information system Pandora As a simpler alternative to the binary format BSON .
The binary format is PSON
XML ), Since it stores data in raw (binary) form and does not require conversion to Base64
3) the uniqueness of the packing
4) easy packaging and fast unpacking, as the format is strictly structured. Does not require conversion and parsing, it works instantly and ...
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Testing service API and RSpec

Sometimes there is a need to write a small IPA service, often in the form of a prototype. And often this prototype then remains in the originally written form following the principle of "works - do not touch." Rewriting even a relatively small service involves the possibility of making an error or an occasional insignificant change in behavior, which is not immediately apparent. To help here comes testing ...
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We make the payments by crypto-currency with our own hands

Hello, Habr!
From time to time I notice questions about how to accept Bitcoin payments on your site without using third-party services. This is quite simple, but we must take into account that there are pitfalls.
In this article I will try to describe in as much detail as possible, without emphasis on any programming language, how to make a payment acceptance Bitcoin (and also, if desired, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Steep, ONION, etc.), starting with unfolding a full node and completing a check on receipt of payment.
link ).
What are the cheap server options? Their mass, in ...
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