What I don't like in C and C ++

What I don't like in C and C ++ 3r33300. 3r3-31. Please do not read professional C /C ++ programmers).
 3r33300. In the article, I express my point of view, if you disagree - justify in the comments.
 3r33300. The purpose of this article is to point out the shortcomings of C and C ++, which I really dislike and encourage you to use the new version of the language or maybe even offer some ideas for improving the standard.
 3r33300. Well, it's time to rekindle the holivar.
 3r33300. 3r314. 3r3188.
 3r33300. I think everyone knows that it’s awesome strings in C ++. Especially if we are talking about the old ...
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The release of Rust ??? and Rust 2018

 3r32424. 3r3-31. 3r301901. The Rust development team is pleased to announce the release of a new version of Rust, ???.? as well as "Rust 2018". Rust is a programming language that allows everyone to create reliable and effective software. 3r33912. 3r33899.  3r32424. 3r301901. If you have a previous version of Rust installed using r3r3880. rustup 3r3881. , then to update Rust to version ??? you just need to run:
3r33899.  3r32424. 3r33869. $ rustup update stable
3r33899.  3r32424. 3r301901. If you have not yet installed rustup 3r3881. You can ...
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About blockchain developers put in the word

About blockchain developers put in the word 3r33548. 3r3-31. The profession of a software developer is extensive and dynamic, changes occur constantly and it is very important to track trends. The new trend of 2017-2018 can be called blockchain (CU). Countless ICOs, an unprecedented increase in cryptocurrency capitalization have attracted a lot of attention here. So there was a great demand in the labor market, and individual developers /software companies began to actively explore the subject area and offer their services. Now it is possible to draw certain conclusions on the profession and on the market, which I would like to talk about.
 3r33548. If...
Rust / Go
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I study Rust: How I made the game "Snake"

I study Rust: How I made the game "Snake" 3r3618.  3r33625. I recently started learning the Rust programming language, and since when I learn a new language I make on it. The Snake I decided to make her own. 3r3618.  3r33625. For 3D graphics, the 3r3r11 library was used. Three.rs
which is the port of the Three.js
library.  3r33625. → Code 3r3618.  3r33625. → Download and play 3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625.
3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3331.
Screenshot game [/b] 3r3334. 3r3335. 3r3618.  3r33625.
3r3618.  3r33625. 3r3618.  3r33625.
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Arithmetic of arbitrary precision in Erlang

Arithmetic of arbitrary precision in Erlang  
@rawpixel 3r33460.
Even schoolchildren are aware of the existence of various number systems and the fact that not every finite decimal fraction is a finite fraction in a binary number system. Few think that because of this fact, operations on float and double are not precise. 3r33460.
If we talk about Erlang, then it, like many other languages, implements the IEEE754 standard for float, while the standard type Integer in Erlang is implemented using arbitrary precision arithmetic. However, I would like to have not only bigint, but also the possibility of operating with rational, complex ...
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News Rust # 1 (September 2018)

News Rust # 1 (September 2018)
My comment to the news about Rust ??? with a review of rusty events for a month went well, so that's holding
very subjective
a section of rusty news for the past month.
In this collection: Rust 1.2? records from Rustconf 201? gfx-rs, Rust201? Flatbuffers port, new versions of ripgrep and Alacritty.
Rust ???r3r3751.
Rust came out ???. The main innovations are available immediately from rustup 'a cargo fix and cargo clippy ...
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Interview with Aaron Patterson, speaker of the conference RubyRussia 2018

Hello! We continue the interview series with the speakers of the conference RubyRussia . Aaron Patterson (also 3r3r3? tenderlove
) Is a member of the Ruby core team and Rails core team, a leading software engineer in a small start-up called GitHub. Pavel Argentov talked with Aaron before his second trip to Russia.
Interview with Aaron Patterson, speaker of the conference RubyRussia 2018  
Let's start with the standard question. What is your personal ruby ​​story? How did you get on this train? Tell us about your achievements? Was it possible to make the world better?
dhh - PA) to make New Brilliant Fine Features...
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FB2D - 2D Framework for Linux Frame Buffer (Rust)

I decided to tell you about the library I wrote recently. Perhaps someone will come in handy.
This is a 2D framework in Rust for rendering directly in the Linux Frame Buffer /dev /fb0.
The task was - on Raspberry Pi to display on the screen /TV simple 2D scene. Raspberry Pi runs under the control of a custom headless Linux compiled with YoctoProject. There are no Window Managers, just like OpenGL. It remains only Frame Buffer.
In the case of Frame Buffer, each pixel must be processed. Since I write for Raspberry Pi mainly on GoLang, I decided to write a library on Go. Very quickly I realized ...
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On the device of the built-in test functionality in Rust (translation)

Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the entry "#[test]In 2018" in the blog of John Renner, which can be found here .
Recently I worked on the implementation of eRFC for custom test frameworks for Rust. Studying the code base of the compiler, I learned the inside of testing in Rust and realized that it would be interesting to share this.
how AST represents the identifiers . The name of each function, variable, module, etc. is stored not as a string, but rather as an ...[/test]
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As I am a UDP game server on Golang wrote

As I am a UDP game server on Golang wrote


Recently started learning the Go programming language and for practice I decided to try writing a client-server application on it. Since I like computer games and in particular the good old "Snake" in which he played on an old black and white phone, he decided to make it her name. Yes, you heard right, it's about the game "Snake" that is divided into server and client part communicating with each other using the UPD protocol.
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