Automated Shipping Framework (SAF)

3r3-31. 3r33300. Alexander Gusyatiner, Oleg Zhikharev
The Automation Freight Forwarding (SAF)
framework. 3r33450.  
3r33300. Automated Shipping Framework (SAF) 3r33333. 3r33450.  
3r33300. Sea-Freight Automation Foundation (SAF)
3r33300. Version 0.2 October 0? 2013 r3r3301. 3r33450.  
3r33300. The current model of information support of transport processes can be characterized as follows: 3r-3301. 3r33450.  
3r3331. 3r31616. Manual control of processes, manual execution of tasks and re-entry of data. 3r33417. 3r3104. 3r33450.  
3r33300. Most business processes, including those processes that ...
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