Java 9 - Have you already switched? No? Do not need !?

About two weeks ago InfoQ recalled , that the official support for Java 9 ends in March 2018. (i.e., in 20 days :)
Here is the link on the official EOL from Oracle, in which in the section "Java SE Public Updates" black in English says that
Java 9
will be supported
until March 2018
, and
Java 8
until January 2019
(or later) and December 2020 (or later).
how Oracle works from within .
Oracle does not plan to migrate desktops from Java 8 to later versions via the auto update feature...

Scala - from the dead donkey ears

Scala is an amazing programming language that I enjoyed about 4 years ago. I was probably his fan: I bought books and courses on Coursera, I used in pet- and productive projects et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Scala opened for me the fascinating world of functional programming, returned to the times of students with "spherical tasks in a vacuum" from Martin Odersky
But here it is already two years since Scala is dead to me. The fault of this
Yes, no one forbids me to use Scala and IntelliJ IDEA for pet projects, but it's not so interesting and it's much more enjoyable ...