GraalVM: mixed in a bunch of C and Scala

I do not know about you, but recently I've been impressed with articles about new Java technologies - Graal, Truffle and all-all. It looks as if you had thought up a language before, wrote an interpreter, was glad which language is good and sad, how slow the native compiler and /or JIT wrote to it, but you need a debugger LLVM is there, and thanks for that. After reading this article there was a (somewhat grotesque) impression that after writing an interpreter of a special kind, work can, in principle, be completed. The feeling that now the button "Make Zashibis" became available to programmers ...
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Friendly Casper - how to achieve consensus and solve the problem of trust in distributed computing systems

Protocol Casper - how to achieve consensus and solve the problem of trust
Friendly Casper - how to achieve consensus and solve the problem of trust in distributed computing systems  
This is the graph of the trust network in the Casper protocol, which is responsible for the reliability of data and calculations in the RChain block-project. The core of its developers lives in Seattle, but in the co-op there are developers from Asia, Africa and Europe. This text is based on the post of one of the leading developers of the project, Michael Birch (Michael Birch), on the consensus protocol ...
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rholang - programming language for distributed systems

RChain Distributed computing block platform. Like ethereum, only an order of magnitude faster. In theory, it can be scaled to infinity, the first implementations in practice allow processing up to 40 thousand transactions per second. Technical details - in the document about architecture .
rholang - programming language for distributed systems
Contracts on the platform RChain are written in the language rholang , with whom I would like to introduce the audience of the hubra. You can try to write and execute programs in this language either by downloading and running ...
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Calculation of logical expressions in a string inside Java /Scala /Kotlin code

I needed to evaluate the validity of expressions of type
in runtime.  
a> 10 && b
located in the Row.
The code itself is on the Rock, but I did the evaluation of various libraries for this on Kotlin, just to play with it. The expression I get from the client, but from the internal, so I did not have to take care that in the expression I did not erase the files from the disk.
I evaluated different libraries for 1) can they do what they need 2) the execution speed of
were tested.  
interpolation of
Js Engine
[h4] R...[/h]
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We understand implicit'y in Scala

We understand implicit'y in Scala
Recently, I've had a few conversations with friends from the Java world about their experience using Scala. Most used Scala as an improved Java and, in the end, were disappointed. The main criticism was directed but that Scala is too powerful a language with a high level of freedom, where the same can be realized in various ways. Well, and cherry on the cake of discontent are, of course, implicit'y. I agree that implicit is one of the most controversial features of the language, especially for beginners. The very name "implicit," as it were, hints. In inexperienced hands implicit'y can cause a poor design ...
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About streams and tables in Kafka and Stream Processing, part 1

About streams and tables in Kafka and Stream Processing, part 1 * Michael G. Noll is an active contributor to Open Source projects, including Apache Kafka and Apache Storm.
The article will be useful first of all to those who only get acquainted with Apache Kafka and /or stream processing[Stream Processing].

In this article, perhaps in the first of the mini-series, I want to explain the concepts of Streams [Streams] and Tables [Tables] in stream processing and, in particular, in Apache Kafka . I hope you will have a better theoretical idea and ideas that will help you solve your current and future tasks better and /or faster.
* Motivation
* Streams ...[/Tables][/Streams][/Stream]
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Acquaintance with jet streams - for Java-developers

Acquaintance with jet streams - for Java-developersHello, Habr!
Today we will return to one of the topics covered in our remarkable book " .Reactive design patterns ". It's about Akka Streams and streaming data in general - in the book by Roland Kuhn, chapters 10 and 15-17 deal with these issues.
Reactive flows Is a standard way of asynchronous processing of data in a stream style. They were are included in Java 9 as interfaces java.util.concurrent.Flow , and now they are becoming a real wand-wand to create streaming components in various applications - and this arrangement will continue for the next few ...
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Announcement of Moscow Spark # 4

Announcement of Moscow Spark # 4

Hello! New Year, new Spark, new Moscow Spark! We will start the new season of our wonderful event on April 19 at the Mansard Rambler & Co. The framework does not stand still and we, too, this time introduce a new community site and test the format with a star from abroad.
We have pizza and tea!
The beginning at ???r3r374.  
Location: Warsaw highway, ? building ? entrance number 5. Mansard Rambler & Co

Be sure to register and take your ...
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Java 9 - Have you already switched? No? Do not need !?

About two weeks ago InfoQ recalled , that the official support for Java 9 ends in March 2018. (i.e., in 20 days :)
Here is the link on the official EOL from Oracle, in which in the section "Java SE Public Updates" black in English says that
Java 9
will be supported
until March 2018
, and
Java 8
until January 2019
(or later) and December 2020 (or later).
how Oracle works from within .
Oracle does not plan to migrate desktops from Java 8 to later versions via the auto update feature...
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Scala - from the dead donkey ears

Scala is an amazing programming language that I enjoyed about 4 years ago. I was probably his fan: I bought books and courses on Coursera, I used in pet- and productive projects et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
Scala opened for me the fascinating world of functional programming, returned to the times of students with "spherical tasks in a vacuum" from Martin Odersky
But here it is already two years since Scala is dead to me. The fault of this
Yes, no one forbids me to use Scala and IntelliJ IDEA for pet projects, but it's not so interesting and it's much more enjoyable ...
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