How did we do the olympiad on SQL (ending)

How did we do the olympiad on SQL (ending) I continue the story about as we did the olympiad on SQL . This is a continuation of the previous article, in which everything simply did not fit.
A brief summary of the previous series: two absentee rounds of the Olympiad took place in December 2016 and March 201? respectively, where the candidates for the victory were rigorously selected both with theory and with the practice of applying SQL to Oracle databases. Further about the third round - the full-time finale of the Olympics in Sochi in early June 2017
Olympiad. on the official ...

How we did the Olympiad in SQL

How we did the Olympiad in SQL At the very beginning of autumn of 201? the management tasked me with preparing the technical part of the SQL Olympiad. Having discussed the situation with colleagues, including former ones, I was pinned (cliche?) In an article where in the declarative style on SQL the problem of building the shortest exit from the labyrinth was solved. Gathering a part of the request into one heap and running it on a real database, I whispered "magic! " and realized that there was an olympiad.
I think that the typical reader of Khabra at the Olympics has been at least once, but rather in the role of a participant, not an organizer...