Version control inside SQL Server'a

Version control inside SQL Server'a Julia : So, who changed my procedure yesterday?
Lyosha : not I
Maxim : not I
- Guys, can Git get?
Серёжа : It is high time!
2 weeks have passed
Julia : Rebyyayat?
- Yul, and you did not commit?
Julia : damn no ( .
That's how it all began. Well and what, each character and each line to commit?
And maybe all this will happen by itself?) At this moment
begin to come to mind.  
DDL triggers ...
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Unit testing of database scripts

Unit testing of database scriptsTaking the convenience of using a unit of tests on my favorite C ++, I tried to transfer my experience to TSQL, especially since the new employer likes a useful initiative on the ground and distributes buns for it.
I looked several known frameworks I came to the conclusion that, as a rule, they are cumbersome and bring additional syntax, which must be studied additionally.
Some frameworks work beautifully and please the eyes of the manager who is shown to them, but they have a number of limitations that I did not like.
I also wanted to implement everything on a pure kosher-halal-orthodox ...
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No, you do not need machine learning. You need SQL

Some time ago I published a series of tweets about using traditional tools instead of newfangled and complex technologies.
Tweets went well and got to HackerNews. The consequence of this mini-popularity was an interesting discussion. Some agreed with me, and others called it stupidity and delirium. Well, on the Internet, too, there are gunfights.
I'm not trying to convince you to use my approach. Rather, I want to explain in more detail what exactly was meant in the initial statement on Twitter.
Years pass, and you see the emergence of some interesting technologies and concepts: machine ...
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Spark SQL. A bit about the query optimizer

Spark SQL. A bit about the query optimizerHello. As an introduction, I want to tell you how I came to such a life.
Before I met Big Data and Spark, in particular, I had many and often optimized SQL queries, first for MSSQL, then for Oracle, and now I'm faced with SparkSQL.
And if there are already a lot of good books describing the methodology and "handles" for DBMS that can be twisted to get the optimal query plan, I have not seen such books for Spark. I came across more articles and sets of practices, more related to working through the RDD /Dataset API, rather than pure SQL. For me, one of the reference books on SQL optimization ...
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The licensing policy of Oracle pushes the analyst to Hadoop

The licensing policy of Oracle pushes the analyst to HadoopLarge business and the bloody enterprise have long found a substitute for adult rubid on DWH tasks and analysts. DWH moves massively towards DataLake and Hadoop. It looks like small companies no longer have much sense in launching analytics for serious rubbish. With the growth in the number of kernels available even for a small business, trying to license a full version of an adult sub-type Oracle is meaningless. Standard edition of Oracle, although licensed by sockets, but at the same time cut out the most important functional. Firstly in the standard edition there is no partitioning
, there is ...
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Go through NULL

Many people know and use the built-in function ISNULL (X, Y), which replaces the first argument with the second argument if it is (first) NULL. Less useful is the inverse built-in function NULLIF (X, Y), which returns NULL if the first argument is equal to the second argument. The combination of these two functions avoids the use of IF-ELSE or CASE-WHEN constructions, which makes the code more compact. If it's interesting to see a couple of examples - welcome to the cat.
For example, here is the code that outputs 10 random integers in the range from 1 to 3? and the nearest value to the output ...
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Column DBMS versus lowercase, how about a compromise?

Column DBMS versus lowercase, how about a compromise?
Column DBMS actively developed in the zero years, at the moment they found ours and almost do not compete with traditional, lower-level systems. Under the cut, the author decides whether a universal solution is possible and how expedient it is.
Here ):
1010data's Tenbase database
Alterian's Engine
Aster Data Systems
Calpont InfiniDB Enterprise Edition
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How to copy data sources to the IDE on the IntelliJ

How to copy data sources to the IDE on the IntelliJplatform.Hello! In this tutorial, consider a few popular scenarios.  - Copying the data source within a single project. - A common data source for different projects within the same IDE. - Copy the data source to another IDE, to another computer, to another galaxy.  export settings . But you do not always want to transfer all the settings, and the data sources - global ones, too, are not always :)  So it will be useful to know that the data source can be copied: on the shortcut menu, selectDatabase tools → Copy data source to clipboard. This will work with several at once.    The clipboard gets the ...
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Olympiad SQL: parsing the problem about the calendar

Olympiad SQL: parsing the problem about the calendar Hello, on the air of Radio SQL!
We continue the topic of popularizing the SQL language among the broad masses of the IT population of our planet, this time in the Russian-language part of it. However, the inhabitants of other planets, too, pull yourself up. Tune in to our gravity wave, smear mucus, straighten the shells and make yourself comfortable - we begin!
In this article, I'm going to parse the problem of the calendar that I gave on Olympics on SQL , about which I already wrote earlier. Exciting recursion and cryptic aggregate functions, nested queries and
armed with
grouping of data - ...
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