Christmas story

Christmas storyWe want to share a story that happened on one of our projects on New Year's Eve. The essence of the project is that it automates the work of doctors in medical institutions. During the patient's visit, the doctor records information on a dictaphone, then the audio recording is transcribed. After the transcription process - i.e. making audio recordings into text - a medical document is compiled according to relevant standards and sent back to the clinic, from which the audio recording came, where the sending doctor receives it, checks and confirms. After passing the mandatory checks, the document ...
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Data migration in a bloody enterprise: what to analyze, so as not to overwhelm the project

Data migration in a bloody enterprise: what to analyze, so as not to overwhelm the project 3r3r1314.  
A typical system integration project for us looks like this: the customer has a wagon system for customer accounting, the task is to assemble customer cards into a single database. And not only to collect, but also to clear from duplicates and garbage. To get a clean, structured, full customer cards. 3r3r1314.  
For beginners, I will explain that the migration goes according to the following scheme: 3r31316. sources → data conversion (meets 3r314. ETL 3r3131318. or 3r3r166. bus 3r31318.) → receiver 3r31319. . 3r3r1314.  
On one project, we lost three months ...
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How to run SQL Profiler Trace at night, at a specific time?

 3r3182. 3r3-31. How to start the SQL profiler trace when the problem needs to be caught from 3:00 to 3:30 in the morning? This can be done using server-side tracing, but this is extremely inconvenient. It is not difficult, but uncomfortable, and always lazy. Finally, I decided to automate this once and for all. Like this:
 3r3182. How to run SQL Profiler Trace at night, at a specific time?  3r3182.
 3r3182. Jenkins here, by the way, is completely optional and serves only as an interface to invoke the script with the necessary parameters:
 3r3182.  3r3182.
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Monitoring Windows servers on pure MS SQL, and how I secretly implemented this

Once, in a galaxy far far away, there was a firm that had long since grown from a startup, but which still remained fairly compact and efficient. The company hosted (on its hardware) hundreds of Windows-servers, and it had to be monitored. Even before I came to it, the NetIQ system was chosen as the solution. 3r3116.  3r3124. 3r3116.  3r3124. I was instructed to set up NetIQ, and the one who did it before me did not say a single word about it. Printed I soon realized why. Steve Jobs is probably spinning in his grave, looking at a similar interface: 3r3116.  3r3124. 3r3116.  3r3124. 3r3105. Monitoring Windows servers on pure MS SQL, and how I secretly implemented this
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Database as Code. Digging deeper

3r33737. Database as Code. Digging deeper 3r33714. 3r33737.  
3r33737. In IT projects, code is written by everyone. Engineers manage Kubernetes clusters with a few lines, disperse clouds with Terraform and roll tons of configurations on Ansible, Chef and Puppet. QA write understandable business test scenarios on Spock and Cucumber. Analysts are fluent, often better than developers, talking in SQL. Project documentation in Markdown, AsciiDoc or LaTEX formats is "compiled" into the required format on the build server. Well, the developers themselves, these code tamers, immediately speak a lot of languages ​​for every life situation - client...
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How easy it is to take and view .NET assemblies in SQL Server using ICSharpCode.Decompiler

You can of course take third-party utilities, such as some kind of open-source ILSpy, save the assembly to disk and then decompile.
3r3333. How easy it is to take and view .NET assemblies in SQL Server using ICSharpCode.Decompiler
But you just want to connect to the database and see all the assemblies and what's inside.
And besides, there are a lot of high-quality Opensource components for all cases of programmer life, and writing in C # is convenient and easy :)
So /
Nuget package
3r3333. 3r3334.

We read from the base all assemblies

SqlDataReader, SQL query trivial: 3r-3248.  
3r33232. SELECT,
FROM sys.assemblies ...[/h]
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Distributed applications in C ++ with a minimum of effort

The purpose of my post is to tell you about the C ++ API of the distributed database Apache Ignite, which is called Ignite C ++, as well as its features.
About the very Apache Ignite on the habr have written more than once, so for sure some of you already roughly represent what it is and why you need it.

Briefly about Apache Ignite for those who are not familiar with it yet

I will not go into details about how Apache Ignite appeared and how it differs from classical databases. All these questions have already been raised here ...[/h]
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Create a trigger function in pgModeler

Create a trigger function in pgModeler In a certain kingdom, in a certain state
It took me to add a trigger to the model on pgModeler . What to do is easy enough. But to add a trigger function It's also easy, but I had to sort out a little with the parameters proposed for filling /selection in the interface.
pgModeler This is a very good tool for designing databases that can generate sql scripts for PostgreSQL . Details about this tool and its capabilities can be read at the official site .
PostgreSQL on something other ...
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Build pgModeler

Once in a winter winter
I needed the day free of charge tool for database design. One that would also be able to generate scripts. Really like Visual Paradigm , but it costs, of course, like an airplane. Therefore, armed with Google and the advice of familiar developers, I went on a quest.
As a result, I found a very good tool pgModeler . The only thing I did not like was that sql-scripts can be generated only for PostgreSQL . But since At that time (and now, and even then) this database was used, then this tool was enough.
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Tasks and solutions for the soldier PostgreSQL

Tasks and solutions for the soldier PostgreSQL
Greetings to all SQL lovers!
On the Internet, I rarely met articles that cover different working moments and subtleties associated with processing data in SQL .
I like it when you can draw a lot from just one article, even in general terms.
Therefore, I decided to write my article, containing various tasks and answers with explanations to them.
Suitable for those who have mastered all basic skills well and want to develop further.
The presented answers are suitable for PostgreSQL ( Most tasks are suitable for other DBMS , But the results and solutions may ...
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