How easy it is to take and view .NET assemblies in SQL Server using ICSharpCode.Decompiler

You can of course take third-party utilities, such as some kind of open-source ILSpy, save the assembly to disk and then decompile.
3r3333. How easy it is to take and view .NET assemblies in SQL Server using ICSharpCode.Decompiler
But you just want to connect to the database and see all the assemblies and what's inside.
And besides, there are a lot of high-quality Opensource components for all cases of programmer life, and writing in C # is convenient and easy :)
So /
Nuget package
3r3333. 3r3334.

We read from the base all assemblies

SqlDataReader, SQL query trivial: 3r-3248.  
3r33232. SELECT,
FROM sys.assemblies ...[/h]
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Distributed applications in C ++ with a minimum of effort

The purpose of my post is to tell you about the C ++ API of the distributed database Apache Ignite, which is called Ignite C ++, as well as its features.
About the very Apache Ignite on the habr have written more than once, so for sure some of you already roughly represent what it is and why you need it.

Briefly about Apache Ignite for those who are not familiar with it yet

I will not go into details about how Apache Ignite appeared and how it differs from classical databases. All these questions have already been raised here ...[/h]
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Create a trigger function in pgModeler

Create a trigger function in pgModeler In a certain kingdom, in a certain state
It took me to add a trigger to the model on pgModeler . What to do is easy enough. But to add a trigger function It's also easy, but I had to sort out a little with the parameters proposed for filling /selection in the interface.
pgModeler This is a very good tool for designing databases that can generate sql scripts for PostgreSQL . Details about this tool and its capabilities can be read at the official site .
PostgreSQL on something other ...
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Build pgModeler

Once in a winter winter
I needed the day free of charge tool for database design. One that would also be able to generate scripts. Really like Visual Paradigm , but it costs, of course, like an airplane. Therefore, armed with Google and the advice of familiar developers, I went on a quest.
As a result, I found a very good tool pgModeler . The only thing I did not like was that sql-scripts can be generated only for PostgreSQL . But since At that time (and now, and even then) this database was used, then this tool was enough.
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Tasks and solutions for the soldier PostgreSQL

Tasks and solutions for the soldier PostgreSQL
Greetings to all SQL lovers!
On the Internet, I rarely met articles that cover different working moments and subtleties associated with processing data in SQL .
I like it when you can draw a lot from just one article, even in general terms.
Therefore, I decided to write my article, containing various tasks and answers with explanations to them.
Suitable for those who have mastered all basic skills well and want to develop further.
The presented answers are suitable for PostgreSQL ( Most tasks are suitable for other DBMS , But the results and solutions may ...
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Oracle vs PostgreSQL. Why choosing Oracle can be a reasonable solution

Reading numerous articles on the hub about the successful migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL, an inexperienced reader may have the impression that PostgreSQL is no worse, or even better, Oracle. And the choice is obvious. And Hundreds of thousands of companies that ultimately pay billions of dollars to Oracle just spend money on the wind. But I'll try to disbelieve you, where, where, and in large companies they can count money. And their decisions are by no means erroneous.
The purpose of the article is to generate a grain of doubt in the reader's soul, which is trying to make a choice between ...
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MongoDB and market research of IT vacancies

Have you ever analyzed a job?
The question was asked, in what technologies is the labor market most demanding at the moment? A month ago? A year ago?
How often do new Java developer vacancies open in a certain area of ​​your city and how actively do they close?
In this article I will tell you how you can achieve the desired result and build a report system on the topic of interest to us. Go!
MongoDB and market research of IT vacancies

Probably, many of you are familiar and even used a resource like ...
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Version control inside SQL Server'a

Version control inside SQL Server'a Julia : So, who changed my procedure yesterday?
Lyosha : not I
Maxim : not I
- Guys, can Git get?
Серёжа : It is high time!
2 weeks have passed
Julia : Rebyyayat?
- Yul, and you did not commit?
Julia : damn no ( .
That's how it all began. Well and what, each character and each line to commit?
And maybe all this will happen by itself?) At this moment
begin to come to mind.  
DDL triggers ...
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Unit testing of database scripts

Unit testing of database scriptsTaking the convenience of using a unit of tests on my favorite C ++, I tried to transfer my experience to TSQL, especially since the new employer likes a useful initiative on the ground and distributes buns for it.
I looked several known frameworks I came to the conclusion that, as a rule, they are cumbersome and bring additional syntax, which must be studied additionally.
Some frameworks work beautifully and please the eyes of the manager who is shown to them, but they have a number of limitations that I did not like.
I also wanted to implement everything on a pure kosher-halal-orthodox ...
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No, you do not need machine learning. You need SQL

Some time ago I published a series of tweets about using traditional tools instead of newfangled and complex technologies.
Tweets went well and got to HackerNews. The consequence of this mini-popularity was an interesting discussion. Some agreed with me, and others called it stupidity and delirium. Well, on the Internet, too, there are gunfights.
I'm not trying to convince you to use my approach. Rather, I want to explain in more detail what exactly was meant in the initial statement on Twitter.
Years pass, and you see the emergence of some interesting technologies and concepts: machine ...
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