The Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) mechanism is an example of Microsoft Edge

The Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) mechanism is an example of Microsoft EdgeDisclaimer [/b]
This publication is a translation of part of document "Bypassing Mitigations by Attacking JIT Server in Microsoft Edge" from Ivan Fratric (Google Project Zero). The part that contains the description of the ACG mechanism and its application in the Microsoft Edge browser is translated. Beyond this translation, there is a more detailed description of the inside of the JIT in the Chakra (Microsoft Edge jаvascript Engine) and the vectors of the attack on it (describing the vulnerabilities found corrected by the time the document was published).
By the nature of my professional ...
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Not a single code: what affects the work of the block-system

Block-network - a structure that consists of a set of parts that constantly interact with each other. Understanding the work of this complex mechanism is impossible without a comprehensive analysis of its components, their dynamics and structure. In this article, we will talk about the different types and levels of management of block systems, as well as their main components.
Not a single code: what affects the work of the block-system

Control levels

Most decentralized applications based on the blockbuster have several related management levels:
Internet protocols - for example, the TCP /IP protocol;
Block - for example, Ethereum;
DApp framework ...[/h]
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Operating systems from scratch; level 3 (the older half)

Operating systems from scratch; level 3 (the older half) In this part, we'll add the interrupt processing and take on the scheduler. Finally, we will have the elements of a multitasking operating system! Of course this is only the beginning of the topic. One timer interrupt, one system call, the basic part of a simple thread scheduler. Nothing complicated. However, by this we will prepare a springboard for the creation of a full-fledged system that will deal with the most real processes without any "buts." Just like in these your lines and others. Until the end of
course is already a little less than half.
Zero lab
The f...
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Let's make Windows slower! Part one: file access

Let's make Windows slower! Part one: file access Windows has long been reproached for the slowness of its file operations and the slow creation of processes. Why not try to make them even slower? This article will show how to slow down file operations in Windows by about 10 times from their normal speed (or even more), and these methods are practically not amenable to tracking by a normal user.
And, of course, we will learn to detect and correct such situations. The whole text is written on the basis of the problem I encountered a couple of months ago, so everything written below is completely real.
file system...
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Operating systems from scratch; level 3 (lower half)

Operating systems from scratch; level 3 (lower half)
In this lab, we will implement the ability to run custom programs. Those. processes and the entire dependent infrastructure. In the beginning, we'll figure out how to switch from privileged code, how to switch process contexts. Then we implement a simple round-robin scheduler, system calls and virtual memory management. In the end, we will remove our shell from the kernel space into the user space.
Zero lab
The first lab: the younger half and ...
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Implementation of processing of commands on CallTable with modules on modern C ++

In this article I will describe the process of developing a class "call tables" and applying the resulting class to extend the functionality of the program using modules.

On the problem

There is a server that accepts commands. At the input, it gets the index of the command and its parameters, performs the actions, and returns the result. Command indexes are consistent: ???? etc. At startup, the server has several basic commands (in my case 20), the others are added by modules during operation. To solve this problem, CallTable is well suited.
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Web installer on pure WINAPI with Hi-DPI support and

Web installer on pure WINAPI with Hi-DPI support andvector logo.In our time, this is probably one of the main applications for applications written in pure WINAPI. Write something more serious than a few simple windows on a clean WINAPI is not so fun, but a small installer - the most it.  Since in the courtyard of 201? just writing an application is not very good. Let's meet the trends of the times - the installer will support Hi-DPI modes. Even in laptops already 4K screens are not uncommon, what can we say about desktops. Well, since the installer - this is something that should quickly boot up we will save on what is really not difficult to do yourself...
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Operating systems from scratch; level 2 (the older half)

Operating systems from scratch; level 2 (the older half) It's time to write a file system. The file system does not write itself. In this half of the lab, we still implement the FAT32 file system, attach the SD card driver to it and interact with it a little bit through our interactive shell.
Zero lab
The first lab: the younger half and the older half is
The younger part . Continuation under the cut.
structure FAT contains all the necessary information about the size and content of these same structures. Together with the minimum necessary description...
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One day in the life of a seasoned administrator or a story about how to tame the storage system

Today we will talk about the heroic everyday life of admins and storage systems. Within the framework of this article, we will tell you two real stories of the implementation of storage systems and try to share their experience in the implementation and operation of storage solutions. The names of the participants are, of course, fictitious.

History 1. How to harden the admin

The harsh routine of Petit's administrator started, and in the evening the next batch of equipment came along with the storage system, but users were already groaning about when new storage resources would be issued ...[/h]
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We implement target marketing on the site

We implement target marketing on the siteThis article may be of interest to marketers who are thinking or are already trying to implement targeted communications with customers in digital channels. Also, it can be useful to site specialists in terms of organizing integration with the CRM system. Users of SAS client analytics solutions learn how to expand their capabilities by tuning the proper management of client experience in digital channels.
Buyers today are able to quickly switch between service providers in most competitive markets. For example, simultaneously using products from different banks or visiting different food stores...
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