Virtual memory in ARMv7

Virtual memory in ARMv7Hello!
The article provides an overview of the virtual memory system architecture ARMv7.
Headline spoiler [/b]
It does not consider the subtleties of caching, DMA, LPAE and the like. For a more detailed description, refer to the literature at the end of the article.
[h2] The introduction of 3r-3262.
The virtual memory system performs several tasks. First, it allows you to place user processes in separate, isolated from each other, memory spaces. This allows you to increase the reliability of the system, the errors of one process do not affect the operation of other processes. Secondly...
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Highly available and scalable Elasticsearch in Kubernetes

Highly available and scalable Elasticsearch in Kubernetes 3r3958.  
In Previous post we scaled the MongoDB replica set and met StatefulSet. We will now orchestrate Elasticsearch high-availability cluster (with other master nodes, data nodes, and client nodes) and use ES-HQ and Kibana. 3r33961. 3r3958.  
You will need:
Basic idea of ​​Elasticsearch, its node types and their roles. 3r33780.  
A working Kubernetes cluster with at least three nodes (at least four cores, 4 GB). 3r33780.  
Ability to work with Kibana. here 3r33766. . 3r33961. 3r3958.  
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Interrupts from external devices in the x86 system. Linux kernel boot options

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Open webinar "Infrastructure as a code"

Hello again!
 3r3334. We present you an open lesson of the course "DevOps practices and tools" on the topic "Infrastructure as a code." Igor Kurochkin , a course instructor, for example, this practice tells how you can improve team interaction, speed up the software delivery process and reduce the number of errors, and show the main practices and tools for developing infrastructure code.
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Running Image Viewer from Windows XP on Modern Windows

Running Image Viewer from Windows XP on Modern WindowsI have a folder with old pictures that I collected in zero. I transfer from computer to computer along with all my files with each upgrade, occasionally I go to notify me. But each time I was a little embarrassed that the standard Windows 7 viewer did not show GIF animation, although my memory told me that during the time of XP the animation was shown without problems. With the next attack of nostalgia, I decided to launch the viewer from XP on Windows 7. After overcoming a number of obstacles, I am now sure that GIF-animation was really supported there! And most importantly - now I can watch my ...
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Control of RGB LEDs via the UDB unit of PSoC microcontrollers from Cypress

 3r33895. 3r3-31. Control of RGB LEDs via the UDB unit of PSoC microcontrollers from Cypress 3r33879. 3r33882.  3r33895. So. There was a problem to dynamically control a long line of R28 LEDs WS2812B. Classical approaches to this case are known. You can take the banal Arduino, but there the output goes programmatically, so while the data is being output - everything else is idle, otherwise the time diagrams will fail. You can take STM32 and output data either through DMA to PWM or through DMA to SPI. Techniques are known. I even, at one time, personally through SPI already ruled a line of sixteen diodes. But the overhead is great. One bit of data in the LEDs takes 8 bits in memory ...
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UHCI, or the very first USB

UHCI, or the very first USB
3r33333.  3r301501. 3r33232. What is UHCI? 3r33300. 3r33333.  3r301501. I think that once again not to be sprayed on what and why, just leave a link to my previous article on EHCI. Tyr here 3r33333.  3r301501. UHCI - Universal Host Controller Interface, works as a PCI device, but, unlike EHCI, it uses ports instead of MMIO (Memory-Mapped-IO). 3r33333.  3r301501. 3r33333.  3r301501.
USB Driver (USBD) -
USB driver itself.  3r301501.
HC (Host Controller) - the host controller, or simply our UHCI 3r-3285.  3r301501.
Host Controller Driver (HCD) is a driver that binds hardware and USBD 3r-3285.  3r301501.
The USB Device is the
USB device itself.  3r301501.
3r33333.  3r301501. 3r33333.  3r301501. 3r33232. Types of data transmission
3r33333.  3r301501. Isochronous — an isosynchronous transfer that has a given data transfer rate. It can be used, for example, for USB microphones, etc. 3r33333.  3r301501. Interrupt - Small, spontaneous data transfers from the device. The interrupt transfer type supports devices that ...
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Porting Quake3

 3r3778. 3r3-31. Porting Quake3 3r33737.  3r3778. 3r33766. In the operating system 3r3338. Embox
(of which I am a developer) OpenGL support appeared some time ago, but there was no sensible performance check, only drawing scenes with several graphic primitives. 3r33767. 3r33737.  3r3778. 3r33766. I have never been particularly interested in game devs, although, of course, I like the games, and decided that this is a good way to have fun, but at the same time check OpenGL and see how the games interact with the OS. 3r33767. 3r33737.  3r3778. 3r33766. In this article I will talk about how to build and run Quake3 on Embox. 3r33767...
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Linux kernel boot. Part 1

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System.IO.Pipelines: high performance IO in .NET

3r3757. System.IO.Pipelines
Is a new library that simplifies code organization in .NET. It is difficult to ensure high performance and accuracy if you have to deal with complex code. The task of System.IO.Pipelines is to simplify the code. More under the cut! 3r33767.  3r3774. 3r33767.  3r3774. System.IO.Pipelines: high performance IO in .NET The fastest webservers in the industry
. It was originally conceived as part of the Kestrel implementation, but evolved into a reusable API, available in version 2.1 as the first class BCL API (System.IO.Pipelines). 3r33767.  3r3774. 3r33767.  3r3774. 3r3753. What problems does she solve? 3r3754. 3r33767.  3r3774...
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