Petrol bikes or a strange product search (e-commerce)

 3r3146. 3r3-31. Discussing the quality of grocery search and the ways of its automated testing, last time, came to an understanding of some opacity of the problem. A huge number of online stores often put buyers in a dead end, not finding the required simple requests, and the problem, as it were, is not. In a word, we look at the real problems of a not very relevant search for a very popular online store (which really wants to be a “marketplace”). 3r3116.  3r3146. 3r3116.  3r3146. Petrol bikes or a strange product search (e-commerce) The case of a missing cake
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Upgrading to Windows 1809 deletes all files in the

profile.Colleagues in the overseas shop warn ( 1 , 2 ) About the presence of a serious bug in the installer Windows 1809.  At the moment it is known that you will lose files from your profile (My Documents, Images, Desktop, etc.) if you have profile redirection turned on for another profile or they were synchronized with OneDrive.  Microsoft Answers Topic: 3r318.
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Traffic generation in the user's area

Traffic generation in the user's area
Generate traffic through MoonGen + DPDK + Lua in the artist's presentation
Neutralization of DDoS-attacks in real conditions requires preliminary testing and testing of various techniques. Network equipment and software should be tested in artificial conditions close to real ones - with intensive traffic flows simulating attacks. Without such experiments, it is extremely difficult to obtain reliable information about the specific features and limitations of any complex instrument.
In this material, we will uncover some of the traffic generation methods used in Qrator Labs.
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Today is Tester Day

Today is Tester Day  
Congratulations to all testers and QA-engineers on a professional holiday!
Enter , you are welcome.
And today you already found bugs?
Of course yes!
2 people voted. Abstained 1 user.   Congratulations to all testers and QA-engineers on a professional holiday!   Enter , you are welcome.And today you already found bugs?YesOf course yes!2 people voted. Abstained 1 user...
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7 tips, how not to exasperate a testing colleague in his holiday

Today the whole world celebrates the day of the tester. On this occasion, we decided to help you look at the work of these specialists from different points of view, so that cooperation would bring maximum benefit and minimum stress to all participants.
7 tips, how not to exasperate a testing colleague in his holiday  
Photo: David Goehring CC BY
on the Ars Technica forum. old branch , in which one developer talks about a deep hatred of "pedantic" testers. He is terribly annoyed that some testing experts spend hours searching for the smallest bugs. And most unpleasant, they still find them.
What can go wrong : Not everyone is ready to admit ...
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DevDay about testing: Relax. Test it easy

DevDay about testing: Relax. Test it easy  
On September 28 we call the testers and all those who are not indifferent to the meeting - connect to the broadcast, look in the guests. Supporters of the traditional QA section reports will learn how to test the API for changes and automate it with Postman and Newman. For fans to listen to the developers, we organize a performance about fuzzing.
Under the cut schedule, details and all about registration.
JS DevDay in April, and then went on vacation. We open the meeting about testing for the autumn season. Join, you will definitely get better.
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REST-assured: useful tips

In this article I gathered useful tips on using REST-assured, one of the most common Java libraries for automating testing of the REST-API.
All examples are vital, they are collected from my practice of conducting code-review in more than 50 projects with autotests.

Take end-points to a separate place

It would seem that this is obvious. But no, quite often you have to see the code with the end-points in the query.
It is best to take end-points into static constants of the final class. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the antipattern "constant interface" - this is a bad practice.
Do no...[/h]
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Run, Test, Run. We tell you how the Mobile Testing Meetup

Run, Test, Run. We tell you how the Mobile Testing Meetuppassed.August 11 at our office was Avito Mobile Testing Meetup - Mitap, fully dedicated to testing applications on iOS and Android platforms. We talked about the quality of the mobile application - how to understand that it is working properly, about native UI-tests in iOS - what to test and what tools will help improve them. Discussed what is better to use in testing Android-applications - Appium or Espresso, and in end-to-end tests - whether they can be organized in large mobile projects, and not only. In addition, colleagues from Yandex talked about their tool for testing the performance of mobile ...
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Migration of the Topjava training project to JUnit 5 in 10 min. Measurement of test time with Extensions

On the last Spring 5 /JPA Enterprise (Topjava) internship our training project migrated from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5.2. The basic process of migration is straightforward enough, but there are some nuances that require manual intervention. I want to briefly talk about them and create JUnit 5 Extensions for measuring the time of tests in a 10 minute video.

Extension code for measuring test time [/b]
import org.junit.jupiter.api.extension. *;
import org.slf4j.Logger;
import org.slf4j.LoggerFactory;
import org.springframework.util.StopWatch;
public class TimingExtension ...
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