Acceleration of the site. How to understand if this is relevant for your site

Often, the speed of sites is very subjective. That is, the bosses /developers /administrators are satisfied and not enrages - it means everything is fine. Is it so? Marketers are excellent at evaluating their target audience, but far from everyone reaches their hands to see how this target audience sees your site. Geographically distributed check of response time from site monitoring service HostTracker will help to find the truth.
Acceleration of the site. How to understand if this is relevant for your site  
entertaining infographics On the impact of site speed on attendance and conversion. By experience, we can say that the development of websites usually takes place in several stages. First the customer wants it to be "beautiful". A site is promoted using SEO-techniques with many shades of gray. Then the main stress shifts to the content. And only then, perhaps, hands reach optimization. This is true for virtually all small, medium and even non-specialized IT companies (for example, banks). Do not believe me? Enter any request in google - you will be very lucky if all the sites from the first page of issuance work quickly. As a rule, these are 2-? which, in fact, are leaders in their field. Dozens and hundreds of others let everything go on its own.

Why the site can be loaded for a long time and what can you do about it

The query itself can be broken down into several components: determining the location of the site, setting up a client-server connection, and displaying the data from the client. The first one depends entirely on hosting. If DNS is bad and long, or a big ping connection is required, you need to demand better conditions or even move right away. The second and on your conscience, although the issue of hosting we still keep in sight. On what here to pay attention?
Scripts on the server side. If they contain complex calculations, unload large volumes from the database and so on-you should pay attention to them. Sometimes for optimization it is necessary to alter all logic of a site or even to change development frameworks. If you started with a business card site, and then suddenly it turned out an online store - then, most likely, this is just such an event.
Scripts on the client side. Probably the most popular reason for "brakes". To cover a site with various useful features - why not? But it is better to refuse all this, except for the most critical moments. However, some scripts from market-leading companies, such as Google, are constantly being improved and are keeping pace with the times. That is, they run asynchronously, deliberately minimize inconvenience to users, given the actual page load process. But not all of them know how. Till.
Uploadable content. Do you really need to show this wonderful gallery on the first page? But these lists, for actuality in real time, downloaded from the database - without them in any way? Optimizing databases and media files is a whole series of big questions about caching, CDN and query optimization. Therefore, it is best to keep this on the first page of the site to a minimum, and, if necessary, refer to good specialists. And yes, it is usually expensive.

To notice the problem is the first step to the solution of

When should we start to deal with this issue? Ideally, as in the upbringing of the child, even when developing :)
But in practice it happens in many ways. You can see the problem using monitoring service HostTracker .
Here is a real example of the behavior of the site of one popular TV channel:
Here peaks are checks from Asia. As you can see, for the Asian audience the site is not optimized.
Also, you can see the split of the response time into three components: the time of DNS determination, the time of connection establishment and the loading of page headers, and the actual download time of everything else. That is, to determine the stability of the site and the weakest link in its speed is very simple.
Also, looking at the example above, you can say: "And I do not need Africa and Asia. All my clients are in N. "And for this there is also a solution! Unfortunately, it is not possible to sort by specific cities for the time being (for technical reasons), but here to choose the region of the world to weed out false triggers from the far-away kingdoms - quite:
I note that we often receive requests for the optimization of our functions, so what we have now is the result of the practical use of the service by our customers. At the moment, we are working on a function that will allow us to simulate a full page load, along with all the whistles, since only the code is loaded. Therefore, if you have any questions or concerns - we will be happy to take them into account.
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