Data-mining and Twitter

 3r? 3516. 3r3-31. 3r3502. Among social networks, Twitter is more suitable for extracting text data due to the hard limit on the length of the message in which users are forced to put all the most essential.
3r?500.  3r? 3516. 3r3502. 3r3164. I suggest to guess what technology is framed by this cloud of words? 3r3165.
3r?500.  3r? 3516. 3r3502. Data-mining and Twitter
3r?500.  3r? 3516. 3r3502. Using the Twitter API, you can extract and analyze a wide variety of information. An article on how to do this using the programming language R.
dressing in the US Congress 3r3504. in the wake of the investigation ...
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Security Week 16: Twitter, passwords, suffering

Security Week 16: Twitter, passwords, suffering On May ? Twitter asked all its users to change their password (3r3r3? news
). The reason for this was not a hacker attack, as it usually happens, but a certain glitch in the system of recording events. Outside, the passwords were not visible, but due to incorrect settings in the log they were written in clear.
The internal investigation conducted by the company excluded the possibility of unlawful use of openly stored passwords by anyone - whether it be an employee of the company or a third party. By ...
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