My history of creating a motivational application (iOS and Android) for a daughter with a daughter on Unity and C #

My history of creating a motivational application (iOS and Android) for a daughter with a daughter on Unity and C #
This is the first part of the story (mixed with the story of my mistakes and solutions) about how I (somewhere two years in my spare time) developed a mobile application for iOS and Android that would motivate my daughter to solve math examples so that she has reached the automatism in the basics of arithmetic (a number 10 warehouse or a multiplication table). As a result, an application has been obtained that allows the child to earn money with his mind.
I used Unity engine and C # language, as well as an additional set of software like mandatory Photohsop or Audacity (for creating sounds).
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Unity3D: game architecture, ScriptableObjects, singletons

Today we will talk about how to store, receive and transfer data inside the game. About a wonderful thing called ScriptableObject, and why it's wonderful. We will slightly mention the benefits of singletons in organizing scenes and transitions between them.
This article describes a part of the long and painful way of game development, the various approaches used in the process. Most likely, there will be a lot of useful information for beginners and nothing new for "veterans".

Links between scripts and objects

The first question facing a novice developer is how to link all the written ...[/h]
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Creating a Tower Defense game in Unity - Part 2

Creating a Tower Defense game in Unity - Part 2

This is the second part of the tutorial "Creating a Tower Defense game in Unity" . We create in Unity a game of genre tower defense, and by the end of first part , learned to post and upgrade monsters. Also we have one enemy attacking the cookies.
However, the enemy does not yet know where to look! In addition, the attack alone looks strange. In this part of the tutorial we will add waves of enemies and arm monsters so they can protect the precious cookie.
project-workpiece and ...
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Event systems in Unity3D

Good day!
Today I would like to briefly talk about the use of events to get rid of garbage and provide complex and dynamic functionality to the code. It should be noted that this article is aimed primarily at beginners who want to learn more about systems of events.
We will analyze this whole matter on the example of a sound control system. This system will allow us to enable /disable music and sounds in the game settings.
Before we create a class manager that will manage sound and music settings, we'll create a simple serializable class. It will be used as a data model for saving ...
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Unity3D ECS and Job System

Unity3D ECS and Job SystemIn Unity3D with the release of version 201? it became possible to use the native (for Unity) ECS system, flavored with multithreading in the form of the Job System. Materials on the Internet are not very many (a couple of projects from Unity Technologies themselves and a couple of training videos on YouTube). I tried to realize the scale and convenience of ECS, making a small project not from cubes and buttons. Before that, I did not have the ECS design experience, so I spent two days studying materials and rebuilding my thinking with the PLO, the day went off on an admiring approach, and another ...
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The book "Unity for the developer. Mobile multiplatform games »

The book "Unity for the developer. Mobile multiplatform games » This book is addressed to everyone who wants to create games, but has no previous development experience. Unity supports several programming languages. In this book, we will use C #. Before you start creating games, you need to understand the basics of their design, as well as the game engine itself, so in the first part of the book we will study these questions. In the second and third parts, we will look at the process of creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional games, respectively, and in the fourth part we will tell you about other possibilities of Unity, the knowledge of which is useful to you.
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Translation of the wiki for the Svelto.ECS project. ECS framework for Unity3D

Translation of the wiki for the Svelto.ECS project. ECS framework for Unity3DTable of contents [/b]


Composition Root and Engines Root
The engines
Representations of entity
Descriptors of entity
Creating Entities
Communication in Svelto.ECS
Hello, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of the wiki of project Svelto.ECS , written by Sebastiano Mandal (Sebastiano Mandalà).
Svelto.ECS is the result of many years of research and application of the principles of SOLID in the development ...
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Create a coloring application on Unity3D

Create a coloring application on Unity3D
This story began on a frosty spring evening when the question came to mind: is there a way to determine degree of filling an arbitrary geometric figure with paint (that is, how many percent is it at the moment painted over)? Yes, so that it is not just not a brake, and flew at 60 fps on the weakest mobile devices.
For those who did not immediately understand what I'm talking about, I will explain: a bitmap approach is possible to the problem, and not raster.
flood fill and associated algorithms has been successfully studied ...
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Introduction to the new system of Tile cards Unity

Introduction to the new system of Tile cards Unity
Getting acquainted with the system of two-dimensional Tile cards Unity gives an excellent opportunity to save time for indie developers and gaming studios for prototyping and creating high-quality 2D games.
Without this system, you can spend days if not weeks to write your own tile card system or recycle someone else's. And this is just programming, but what about the tile chart editor?
The new system is free and built directly into the Unity editor. It provides many features that we will cover in this tutorial.
In this article, we will use a simple tile 2D game to find out the following:
How do ...
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Trace the path to the GPU in Unity - part 2

Trace the path to the GPU in Unity - part 2

"There is nothing worse than a clear image of a diffuse concept." - photographer Encel Adams
In the first part of the article We created a Whitted ray tracer, capable of tracing ideal reflections and sharp shadows. But we lack the effects of fuzziness: diffuse interrelation, glossy reflections and soft shadows.
Based on already available in our code , we iteratively solve rendering equation , formulated by James Caggia in 1986 and transform our renderer into
capable of transmitting ...
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