Unreal Engine ??? release

3r3-31. Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4.2? which according to the manufacturer, gives developers greater efficiency, performance and stability for any project on any platform, and it is thanks to the latest release that users can get world-class results using the Unreal Engine. 3r3115.  
3r3118. 3r3115.  
3r3338. 3r311. 3r340.
Unreal Engine ??? relies on proven tools so that you can be as efficient and creative as possible by adding more mobile optimization for Android and iOS, up to 60% increase in speed when preparing content, as well as more power and flexibility in the industry-leading Niagara tools for VFX in real time. In addition, the new ready-to-release plug-in Replication Graph allows developers to create multiplayer games at a previously impossible scale, and Pixel Streaming allows you to stream interactive content directly to remote devices without any compromises related to rendering quality. 3r3115.  
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