We get music through third-party API

 3r3196. 3r3-31.

This time it started after closing methods audio in the execute method.

I decided to see how the sites that provide music can be downloaded. I was interested in the site 3r3677. vrit.me
. 3r3181.  3r3196. I climbed into the network tab and saw an interesting query:
3r3122. photo [/b] 3r3124. We get music through third-party API 3r3181.  3r3196. 3r3181.  3r3196. 3r3173. 3r3174. import json, requests
s = requests.post ("https://vrit.me/data.php", data = {3r3196. "method": "audio.get",
"count": ?00?00?00? 3r3196. "offset": 0 ,
"User_id": - 52922518})
s = json.loads (s.text)
print (s)
3r33177. 3r3178. 3r3181.  3r3196. As a result, I received ...
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Google Analytics. Synchronization with pixels Facebook, VK, Yandex, MyTarget

Google Analytics. Synchronization with pixels Facebook, VK, Yandex, MyTarget 3r3408. 3r3-31. Hi, Habr! 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. Over time, marketers begin to want to do remarketing funnels on events, and then also pursue all channels. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. To start remarketing - in each of the systems you need to configure the collection of audiences. And in order to be less confused with them, I propose a solution - to make a single format for events that will form the audience. 3r33395.  3r3408. 3r33395.  3r3408. To make it easier to scale remarketing to other systems, we will now synchronize GA events to Metric, Facebook, VK, MyTarget. 3r33395...
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How to create a chat bot for VKontakte using Python, Django and webhook

 3r3-3589. 3r3-31. 3r? 3569. Why another article about creating a chat bot? 3r33570. 3r? 3577.  3r3-3589. Maybe I was looking badly, but I could not find a detailed guide to creating a python bot using the Django framework and the webhook approach, which is hosted by a Russian company. Most of the materials speak about the use of the Flask framework and the use of free Heroku and PythonAnywhere hosting sites. The experience of the Habr community helps me, so I decided to spend time writing this article as a sign of gratitude. I will describe the practical experience gained so as to enable everyone ...
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How to call audio methods vk


How it all began:


It was in the evening, there was nothing to do And I decided to climb the vk_api methods.

Stumbled upon an interesting method "Execute" .
It turned out to send yourself a gift:
Code [/b]
3r33333. var gift = 813;
return API.gifts.send (
user_ids: 30280871?
gift_id: gift,
guid: API.apps.getRandomInt ({max: 99999}) 3r33333});

How to call audio methods vk
3r33333. 3r33333.
And then I got the idea that if within this method you can call methods that cannot be called in the official API, then you can probably call the method. audio.get ...[/h][/h]
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Getting links to audio without VKApi

Getting links to audio without VKApiThis page will be useful for those who decided to take an order for the parser of VK audio tracks and sharply understood that they did not understand anything.

What is the problem

3r330. If yes 3r3142. - then you tried to ...[/h]
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We write chat bot for VKontakte on python using longpoll

Now bots have become commonplace and are at every turn, but if you need your bot in the social network vkontakte, then it is easy to implement.
We will need:
3r340. Python
VK Api
longpool it works like this:
Long Polling is a technology that allows you to receive data about new events using the "long requests". The server receives the request, but sends a response to it not immediately, but only when a certain event occurs (for example, a new message arrives), or the specified timeout expires. 3r3391. Speaking Russian, we send a request to the server, and he, in ...
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VKontakte 2077: a look into the future

The VKontakte team every month presents its novelties to the people, which make work in social networks more convenient and pleasant.
Today we will try to include imagination and imagine what other buns the VKontakte team will add, what the most popular social network will look like in the future and what SMM-box for a comfortable life lacks.
VKontakte 2077: a look into the future
Users regularly try to solve their consumer problems right on the Internet, in social networks. We see this on the example of Instagram and VKontakte. Search among communities is now an excellent tool for selecting goods and services, the filter acquires ...
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Realization of work with Long Poll server in VKontakte client for Sailfish OS


Unfortunately, even now, in the modern world, it is not always possible to take advantage of all the benefits of technology push and sometimes you have to implement workarounds, for example, in the form of Long Poll, which allows you to emulate the mechanism of push notifications. In particular, this need arose in the implementation of client VKontakte for Sailfish OS .
This article will not consider the principles of interaction with Long Poll VK server - it has a very detailed Documentation , and the basic ...[/h]
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The preliminary program DUMP-2018 is ready. Speakers from Microsoft, VKontakte, Rambler, Tinkoff, HTML Academy

The preliminary program DUMP-2018 is ready. Speakers from Microsoft, VKontakte, Rambler, Tinkoff, HTML Academywill perform.Hello, Habr!  April 13 in Yekaterinburg for the eighth time will be conference DUMP . The reports will be available in 8 sections: FrontTalks, Serverside, Mobile, DevOps, Science, Testing, Management, Design.  The program is excellent: Grigory Bakunov (Yandex), Alexey Akulovich (VKontakte), Sergey Abdulmanov (Mosigra), Alexei Savvateev (CEMI RAS), Alexander Burt, Zarema Khalilova (Uploadcare), Alexey Migutsky (Microsoft), Seryozha Popov (HTML Academy) , Oleg Anastasiev (Classmates), Arseniy Batyrov (Badoo) - and that's not all. Under the cut - the details of the program.    If you do not ...
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