How to write a single page application (SPA) using Vue.js

How to write a single page application (SPA) using Vue.js
Single-page applications (SPA) have many advantages, such as speed, a really good UX, and full control of HTML markup. There are more and more sites for SPA; more and more tools that simplify the process of developing a SPA. You probably already read about the young and promising framework. Vue.js . I suggest you go deeper into Vue and on a concrete example deal with a simple SPA.
We will write a client-server application of the simplest blog. The application will display the list of records as well as the full text of each individual record. And by itself, all this will happen without reloading ...

We write the component - the table, in an unusual way

We write the component - the table, in an unusual wayAnother small article is easier to follow.
I'll tell you how I draw the tables in Vue .
There are a lot of table components for Vue. With various possibilities.
And everywhere in different ways the table is going to template page or some component.
Basically it happens somehow like this:

Element .
There it looks like this:

Here everything is clear. We immediately imagine a general view of the columns and cells. And in component el-table we transfer only the data and settings of the table itself.
And all would be nothing. I like in general ...

The creator of Vue.js answers Habr

The creator of Vue.js answers Habr  
All with Friday!
As promised, we publish Evan You's answers to the questions we have long and painfully were collected in previous post , as well as the Russian-speaking Vue chat in Telegram.
video (eng) -
? note [/i] )
B: Is Vue a full replacement for React /Angular or is it a niche framework?
O: Yes, it can be a complete replacement. This is not a niche framework.
B: What is the expected life cycle of Vue.js? Will Web Components /VanillaJS be able to replace JS frameworks in the near future?
O: We are growing ...

Oh, these modal windows or why I liked the render-function in VueJs

Hello everybody!
My first publication went with an unpleasant draft. I promised to correct this misunderstanding and on your court I present my first article-lesson on VueJs . I hope it will be useful. There are a lot of thoughts, too many experiences. All my life I'm learning from other people's articles, lessons. It's time to share knowledge too.
And we will create modal windows. Yes again they are. But not as simple as described in my first (not mine) publication.
Many have already created them for Vue . Used all sorts. And apparently, when you reach a certain level of ...