Underwater Stones Service Workers

Underwater Stones Service WorkersIn this short essay, I will describe those things about service workers, about which I would like to read a year or at least six months ago and thereby avoid a very long and painful period of debugging the application.
If you came here on request such as "what the hell is my service vorker does not work on production?", Welcome to the cat.
reference .
I also really needed this material and I'm very sorry that I inattentively acquainted with it when I first started acquaintance with the ServiceWorker API.
In practice, the Service Worker API allows you to do such a magical ...

Strangeness CSS, which is useful to know

Strangeness CSS, which is useful to knowIn our publications, there are regular articles about CSS. Among them - the material about the history of CSS , a story about the selection of names for CSS-entities, the article about CSS-styles for printing , about which many forget. We wrote about how the CSS selectors work. , comparing what is happening to the car dealership, about the relatively new technology CSS Grid Layout , and that CSS is not black magic . Today we offer you ...

Acceleration of the site. How to understand if this is relevant for your site

Often, the speed of sites is very subjective. That is, the bosses /developers /administrators are satisfied and not enrages - it means everything is fine. Is it so? Marketers are excellent at evaluating their target audience, but far from everyone reaches their hands to see how this target audience sees your site. Geographically distributed check of response time from site monitoring service HostTracker will help to find the truth.
Acceleration of the site. How to understand if this is relevant for your site  
entertaining infographics On the impact of site speed on attendance and conversion. By ...

Caching and performance of web applications

Caching allows you to increase the performance of web applications by using previously stored data, such as responses to network requests or results of calculations. Thanks to the cache, the next time the client accesses the same data, the server can service requests faster. Caching is an effective architectural pattern, since most programs often refer to the same data and instructions. This technology is present at all levels of computer systems. There are caches for processors, hard drives, servers, browsers.
Caching and performance of web applications ...

Nine questions about working with memory in V8

As you know, jаvascript engine V8 is very popular. It is used in the Google Chrome browser, it is based platform Node.js. In a material prepared by Matt Zeynert, the translation of which we publish today, there are nine questions on the specifics of how V8 works with memory. Each question contains a piece of code that you need to analyze and find the answer that most accurately describes the memory consumption by this code or the data structures it represents. The answers to questions are commented.
Nine questions about working with memory in V8 ...

Dotted wow effects: about magic in simple words

Dotted wow effects: about magic in simple words  
We continue to look at techniques for creating various animations in interfaces. We have already met particles , masks and change of forms different objects - it's time to draw dotted lines.
Before going to the article, I will make a small digression. This series of articles is intended for developers (primarily beginners) who want to do beautiful things, but are completely confused in complex instruments. Each time we touch on one method of using this or that instrument and see how it can be applied to the creation of any effects. Comments that "during the flush was better" or ...