Pulling the safety mat out from under you

3r3-300. I attended the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group meeting (m3aawg.org) in Brooklyn, New York. I expected the best weather to wander around the city, enjoy the conference, and a wide selection of food in the area. I was so sure of the clearness of the sky that I didn’t even take anything from the rain with me. And it rained all week. This forced me to stay in my hotel room with free WiFi and my working laptop. I decided to spend this time researching Node.js and their companion packages, available on 3r335. https://www.npmjs.com
3r3-300. There are thousands ...
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[Подборка]Development, design and promotion of sites: 17 useful materials

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Local NPM repository in 5 minutes with its packages and caching

Good day!
Sooner or later, organizations have problems with the proliferation of js modules between projects, the time has come when this question has arisen in our company.
Copy and paste the code is the way to the dark side, so it was decided to write not just js code, but create from it npm packages to distribute between their projects.
The search for free, private npm repositories led to a dead end, and the use of private repositories on 3r3166. npm
requires a fee (and this is not our mentality).
Since the office has a server that always works (almost), it was decided to deploy ...
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CSS: interesting border-radius

CSS: interesting border-radiusfeatures.What can be done using CSS properties border-radius ? The author of the material, the translation of which we publish, says that more than it seems at first glance. In particular, we are talking about the fact that the angles of the elements, rounded with the help of this property, can have a very interesting shape.   3r3208.  We suggest to talk about the intricacies of using border-radius .  Frontend Conference Zurich , Rachel Andrew made 3r3335. Report 3–3–3269. about the possibilities of technology CSS Grid. At the end of the speech, she said something about old CSS ...
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TypeScript magic school: generics and

TypeScript magic school: generics andtype extensions. 3r33430. 3r3-31. The author of the article, the translation of which we are publishing today, says that TypeScript is simply amazing. When he first started using TS, he terribly liked the freedom that is inherent in this language. The more power a programmer puts into his work with TS-specific mechanisms, the more significant are the benefits he receives. Then he used type annotations only periodically. Sometimes he used the code auto-completion capabilities and compiler hints, but mostly relied only on his own vision of the problems he was solving. 3r3155.  3r33430. 3r3155.  3r33430. Over time...
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Ruby Developer Cookbook: Domain Driven Design Recipes (Part ? Application)

Ruby Developer Cookbook: Domain Driven Design Recipes (Part ? Application) 
3r33333. I would like to talk about the experience of applying DDD practices to an existing Ruby on Rails project. Initially, we had a monolith, which was written 10 years. The main difficulty of the project was rather complex processes and high connectivity. We managed not only to decompose the application into separate services, but also to significantly increase the readability of the code, to make the described processes transparent. 3r33333. 3r33333.  
3r33333. The solution of tasks within the system became predictable, we stopped working with the black box...
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GitHub announced its own CI /CD and began distributing invitations

GitHub announced its own CI /CD and began distributing invitations On the last GitHub Universe, the company announced a lot of things, but most of all I was hooked by my own CI /CD solution. Based on Docker, it can collect and execute containers by pushing into the repository, the appearance of a new ticket, the creation of a release. here You can apply for participation in the public beta, Microsoft will issue invites in small batches. Under the cut - my speculation than such a thing can be useful to us with live GitLab and CircleCI.
In 3r315. announcement
An interesting phrase was heard on TechCrunch:
I see CI /CD as one narrow use case of actions...
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Multilingual trees in Yii2 using the example of creating a menu module

 3r31112. 3r3-31. 3r31078. Introduction
 3r31112. 3r31100. Many novice web developers are faced with the need to create menus, directories or rubricators for their project on Yii? which would have a hierarchical structure, but at the same time support multilingualism. The task is quite simple, but not quite obvious within the framework of this framework. There are a large number of ready-made extensions for creating tree structures (menus, catalogs, etc.), but it is rather difficult to find a solution that would support full-fledged work with several languages. And we are talking here not about ...
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Pavel 2.0: Reptiloid Consultant on JS, node.js with Sockets and Telephony

Pavel 2.0: Reptiloid Consultant on JS, node.js with Sockets and TelephonySo our INTERCOM’18 has died down, with preference and business cases. As usual, the entrance to the conference was paid: anyone could buy tickets for the TimePad at full price, or get a discount from a reptilian consultant right on the site . Last year, it worked like a familiar callback: you leave the phone in a special form, Paul calls you in a minute and asks questions; the more correct answers, the higher the discount. This time we decided to change the mechanics, making it more difficult both technically and in terms of issues. Under the cut - Pavlik's guts 2.? with the current node ...
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PHP Digest number 141 (October 1 - 1? 2018)

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