Service uLogin sends data from forms (mail, phone) to a third-party site and is silent about it

Service uLogin sends data from forms (mail, phone) to a third-party site and is silent about it Hello community. This is my first entry, even if it's not very long-but an important message in the headline.
There is such a service for authorization through social networks - uLogin. The developers have released many free plug-ins for various CMS and here it is - cheese in a mousetrap.
It looks like things did not go very well and users began to notice that the service loads strange scripts while the module is running. I'm conducting an audit of my site - I noticed that it loads several times. In total, when loading the page, they downloaded 18 resources (js, css, other requests) - ...
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[ГИПОТЕЗА]The scheme for creating passive income in the network using the method: "Traffic in money"

Strictly do not judge, the scheme has not yet been tested, but it seems to me that it should show effectiveness.
Again, the moral aspect may seem obscene - I beg you not to pay attention to it, but concentrate your attention specifically on the adequacy (or inadequacy) of the scheme itself in terms of SEARCH SYSTEMS.
And will they give traffic to such sites?
PS. And please correct karma, if at least as if this article seemed interesting
So, let's define with the notions:
Traffic - some number of people coming to your site per day from search engines. Usually it says "Search traffic" ...
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We extend the capabilities of CleanTalk Anti-Spam

We extend the capabilities of CleanTalk Anti-Spam

Checking existing Joomla users for spam

Spam bot messages (comments) are often disguised as ordinary user messages, but contain sponsored links or text. The main tasks of such messages are, the user's transition to a malicious resource, advertising or links to enhance the positions of their site. This compromises the site and can spoil the reputation, search engines can lower the position of the site in search results.
We have implemented a spam check, for comments and users who already exist on the site. This allows site administrators to automatically check and identify comments and ...[/h]
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Automation of updates CleanTalk Anti-Spam for WordPress

Automation of updates CleanTalk Anti-Spam for WordPressIf you serve a couple of sites, then updating the plug-ins does not cause any difficulties. Difficulties appear if you serve a few dozen, or even hundreds of sites.
CleanTalk Antispam requires frequent updates (we have to release a new version every 1-2 weeks), there are many reasons for this.
WordPress, as a designer, has a huge number of plugins, themes, widgets, etc. which are not always designed with WordPress Codex, have different architecture and event handling. Therefore, CleanTalk integration errors can occur with different components, especially rare ones.
Each complex service ...
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