Mitap Sberteha in Yekaterinburg

Hello! 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388. We invite you to the second mitap Sberteha in Yekaterinburg. We will share the most interesting practices in creating a new Sberbank platform. 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388. Date: December 13th, from ???pm to ???pm,
 3r388. Address: 3r380. Park Inn by Radisson Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg, ul. Mamina-Sibiryak, 98. 3r3r76.  3r388. About speakers and topics under the cut. 3r376.  3r388.
3r376.  3r388. [b] Andrei Nevedomsky, Leading IT Engineer at Sbertech: “Customization of dependency resolving in Spring”:
How to optimize the start time of Spring Boot? What is the difference between BeanPostProcessor and BeanFactoryPostProcessor? Why is Spring so called? This and much more you will not learn from my report. But you will learn how to customize rezolving of dependencies and what use-cases they have. 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388. Sergey Lezhnin, Senior Architect at Sbertech: “Quick access to slow data or how to make lazy cats run fast”: 3r380. Many applications and services need to be configured using configuration options. Often, configuration parameters need to be changed in real time. This places a heavy load on the configuration service and slows down access to configuration parameters. In my report, I will talk about how to solve this problem and show an example of implementation using Vert.x and Kotlin. 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388. [b] Yevgeny Rtishchev, Chief Architect at Sbertech: “How to solve team problems with gamification”: 3r380. Being a team leader is difficult and interesting. Timlid is more a manager than just a technical manager, which means that his responsibilities include the motivation of team members, their development, tracking progress and growth, feedback, and often solving personal problems. 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388. In the report I will tell about the experimental tool - gamification, about how it can help the tmid, and also what key advantages were obtained as a result of its introduction: 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388.
 3r388. 3r362. An understandable system for measuring a person’s contribution to the development of a team; 3r3633.  3r388. 3r362. Indicator for rewards and punishments; 3r3633.  3r388. 3r362. Assistance in planning and risk management; 3r3633.  3r388. 3r362. Quick and comfortable benchmarking; 3r3633.  3r388. 3r362. Increase motivation and engagement. 3r3633.  3r388. 3r3365. 3r376.  3r388. [b] Date and time
: December 1? 6:30 p.m. 3r376.  3r388. [b] Venue: 3r380. Hotel Park Inn, 9? Mamin-Sibiryak str., Conference hall “Sonata”. 3r376.  3r388. 3r376.  3r388. The event is free, need r3r378. [b] Registration 3r380.
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