AppsConf Rises

AppsConf Rises  3r33333.
 3r33333. AppsConf is a conference for mobile developers, where you can:
a) hear about updates in iOS and Android; 3r3154.  3r33333.
b) discuss the best practices of mobile development; 3r3154.  3r33333.
c) find solutions to actual problems; 3r3154.  3r33333.
d) to hoarseness to argue about HYIP technologies; 3r3154.  3r33333.
e) meet and ask questions of the GDE and iOS gurus; 3r3154.  3r33333.
e) share achievements; 3r3154.  3r33333.
g) make working contacts with the coolest developers in Russia. 3r3154.  3r33333.
 3r33333. All this together makes AppsConf the most useful conference on mobile development, and not only in Russia. That is how we did it in October, and we are going to repeat
in 2019 already on April 22 and 23 r3r3313. .
 3r33333. What will be new, and what interesting speakers we have already lured, I will write further. But first, some of the reporting information of this year, starting with a cool video.
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