Open free broadcast of the Java conference JPoint 2018

Open free broadcast of the Java conference JPoint 2018  
April 6-? that is tomorrow, will be held JPoint 2018 - an international Java-conference for experienced Java-developers. About the program of this conference, we wrote more than once and not two .
We analyzed a set of the most relevant topics (performance and hardcore hardcore, Spring and the bloody enterprise, new frameworks and JVM-languages ​​and so on - a huge list), and for each topic, we tried to find at least one good report. JPoint is held for two days, there will be about forty reports, so all the main questions will be covered in one way or another.
A year ago we started to make open free broadcasts and decided to support the tradition even this time. All Keynotes and all reports from the first hall will be available for viewing. I'll tell you a couple of words about what will happen there.

Keinauts leads the star composition of the speakers:
Juergen Hoeller (the most important person in Spring, after Rod Johnson's departure) will talk about running Spring on fresh versions of Java;
Mikhail Gelfand, from the Higher School of Economics, will talk about the great data in modern biology;
Baruch Sadogursky and Evgeny Borisov (Spring-Ripper) will present an unusual report and in the role of Holmes and Watson will reveal several puzzles that you have encountered, encountered or will face in everyday development.
The first track got pretty tough. It has only one smoothies report, and that one is about the correct architecture using the latest versions of Java.
On this track, almost all the keynoteers will gather.
Juergen Hoeller will tell you about the coolest Spring 5 chips, including functional and reactive programming;
Baruch, along with Viktor Gamov, will talk about the fight against "Russian Hackers" with the help of Kafka Streams and the Firehose API (what else can you expect from a report in which Gamow is an accomplice?);
Yevgeny Borisov, along with Kirill Tolkachov, will conduct a huge powerful report about Spring Boot - it will take 2 slots, that is two hours with a short break.
The remaining reports are no less good.
Nikita Koval will tell a fairly hardcore theme about optimization with the help of hardware transactional memory in new processors.
Alexey Kudryavtsev from JetBrains will talk about tools for static and dynamic code analysis.
Sander Mak and Rabea Gransberger will tell two complementary stories about the use of modules - both about the design of new systems, and about the refactoring of existing ones.
In addition, interviews with speakers will be conducted specifically for the participants of the online broadcast, in the break between the reports. The exact list is being formed right now, but we can assume that David Delabassee, Sander Mak, Rabea Gransberger, Sanhong Li, Andrei Breslav, Anton Arkhipov, Roman Elizarov, Andrei Kogun, Dmitry Zhemerov, Viktor Gamov, Alexey Zinoviev, Ivan Ugliansky, Nikita Koval, Cyril Tolkachev and maybe someone else.
Summing up, the free broadcast consists of keynotes, hardcore, two practical reports about modules and one smoothies about architecture. Yes, if you came live to the conference - you will have three additional tracks and their videos at the end of the conference. But even the program of open broadcast is a very qualitative, logically complete and complete event. All this is available freely, for free, in good quality on YouTube. We are waiting for you on JPoint - both live and online!
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