Results of the contest "TechnoText"

Friends, we have summed up our TechnoText article contest. We have ten winners in ten different categories, and we are ready to share all the details.
Results of the contest "TechnoText"  
But first, a few words about the contest itself for those who found out about it just now. "3r3329. TechnoText 3r326262." - This is our "first attempt at writing." Authors of articles on IT and technology in general could participate in it, and we did not limit ourselves to only publications on Habré. The competition could submit work published in other sites or corporate media. The only framework that we have outlined is the date of publication: the articles submitted should have been published no earlier than January 2017 - as well as the ban on submitting translations and collective creativity. And now to the details.
3r3365. What we rated 3r3r666.
We approached the estimates comprehensively. The most important criteria were the relevance of the topic and the depth of technical study. We also paid attention to the conciseness of presentation and presentation (writing style, design), but with slightly smaller coefficients.
We have distributed the bulk of the articles into previously announced nominations, the full list of which can be found at Contest page 3-333262. . However, approximately 20% of the submitted materials did not fit into them. And since after the formation of the short list, some of the main nominations were left without applicants, we added two new ones so as not to reduce the number of winners. They are "Hotheads" and "Technology."
3r3365. How many sent works 3r366.
Despite the fact that the collection of applications was very limited in time, in nine days we received 55 articles, or, more precisely, references to them. Accordingly, the participants were also 55. After the preliminary selection, a short list was formed, in which 33 materials remained.
3r3365. Who is the jury
The main jury consisted of employees of the Habra content studio, all of them were IT journalists with many years of experience. We also invited two experts who are well known to our community. These are Oleg Chirukhin (@
) From and Mikhail Bode (@ MBode ), The creator of 3r3351. 3r33232. .
Each member of the jury gave their scores in the shortlist protocol, and the final winners were determined by a general discussion.
It was quite difficult to make the final choice, especially in the nomination “Programming”, according to which there were as many as nine works in the shortlist. All of them were very decent level.
3r3365. Winners and awards 3r3r666.
Most importantly, we have already awarded most of the winners by inviting them to our conference 3r3-369 for this. Contenting 3r36262. held last Thursday.
So the winners.
Marat Sibgatulin (@ Eucariot )
Nomination: “Administration”
Work: " Networks for the smallest. Part fourteenth. Package path 3r3?662."
Copy of article on Habré:
Artem Skrobov (@ Tyomitch )
Nomination: "Information Security"
Work: "3r3-3110. Puzzle" Test My Patience "from Check Point Security Academy 3r3-3262." 3r3 -3255.  
Ivan Gumenyuk (@ Meklon )
Nomination: "Popular Science" 3r332325.  
Work: "r3r3124. Gay-Lussac law, colloidal solutions and cured iron for ideal profitrolls 3r33262." 3r3-33255.  
Alexander Nikitav (@ Alexufo )
Nomination: "Technology"
Work: "3r3133. How we managed to read the manuscript found in the 80s near the third crematorium in Auschwitz-Birkenau 3r-3262." 3r3-3255.  
Pavel Zhovner (@ Zhovner )
Nomination: "Examination" 3r3-33255.  
Work: 3r3157. How to steal money from a contactless card and Apple Pay 3r3622.
Vasily Chirvon (@ Jeevuz )
Nomination: Mobile Development
Work: "3r3176. Misconceptions Clean Architecture 3r-3262." 3r-3255.  
Ivan Bogachev (@ Sfi0zy )
Nomination: "Programming" 3r-3255.  
Work: "3r3195. An introduction to programming shaders for web designers 3r33262." 3r33232.  
Alexey Pyatov (@ Medotkato )
Nomination: "Analytics"
Work: "3r31414. As we were looking for signs of medical errors, 3r3 -3262." 3r-3255.  
Anatoly Bezgubenko (@ OWart )
Nomination: DIY
Work: "3r33228. How we ATMs saved the explosion from 3r-?262." 3r-?255.  
Alexey Statsenko (@ MagisterLudi )
Nomination: “Hotheads”
Work: " Self-made jet aircraft:" Two morons are power "3r-3262. 3r-3255.  
We sincerely congratulate all the laureates and we hope that this victory will inspire them to turn more often to “pen and paper”.
For our part, we add that our plans to approach this issue more thoroughly and next year to make the competition more ambitious, expand the jury and attract more sponsors. This time the event was brought to life thanks to the support of 3r-3257. RUVDS 3r33232. ,
and Conferences Oleg Bunin . What a special thank you to them for!
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