How traffic exchanges resell autosurfing and where from the network millions of bots

The case was two years ago, I, as a hobby, engaged in arbitration and tested various exchanges of traffic pirender (and not only him). After talking with colleagues, he decided to pour the traffic on gambling and casino. To try, of course, decided on the road, because the language is familiar, accordingly, the landings make it easier and the audience is easier to understand.
How traffic exchanges resell autosurfing and where from the network millions of bots  
autosurfing and merged a bit of the traf from there to his land with a socially recorded trekking. Once again my surprise was limitless, I met several of the same "people" who imitated a lot of calls with different parameters, but all with the same AID from the VC or OD. I began to pour even more traffic and even came across the same "visitors" with the same social networks that came from a specific platform peddler.
Having concluded that this pawner exchange simply resells the autosurfing traffic I decided to test the rest with which it worked. One found a small (about 30%) amount of autosurfing of the traf, the rest up to 95% did not have a tracked ID in the VC or OD, so I concluded that almost all traffic bots, although they had excellent PF performance. It is worth noting that in the recognition system I was very sure, on the sites where the contextual advertising was going, she tracked the visitors with a very high probability.
Since then, I no longer work with stock exchanges, where the traffic is cheaper than $ 5 for 1000 impressions, since everything that was tested with a price less than $ 5 (in the sphere of pop, pizander, clicker) was either bots or autosurfing.
I think that with the help of this traffic you can try to screw PF for search engines :)
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